I Can't Sleep In The Wake Of Saturday

Revision and exams are taking over my life! Horrific. I'm excited to finally see the ASOS Curve line tomorrow though. Although the preview was pretty average, I love the reviews I've seen! I'm so in love with the blazer and the black dress. Check out some of the pieces here:

Young, Fat & Fabulous

Musings Of A Fatshionista

Saks In The City


  1. dreaded exams! I used to hate them but now in comparison to essays I love the idea of exams!

    In reply to the comment you left me haha wow...how old is your sister? The kids I'm working with are in year 1 and they've been looking at fairytales for the past week and dressing up its sooo cute esp the boy with their wicked witch dresses on and whenever i tell the girls they are really pretty princess the reply I get is 'I know' haha egocentric!

  2. thanks for the comment and birthday wishes! i am uber excited for the launch of asos curve. i think i am going to wake up extra early and check it out.

  3. Yeah as much as I hate exams I prefer them to coursework so imagine doing essays is stressful!

    She's 4 and is clearly told she's a princess too often, haha. Aww I'd love to be on placement in a primary school, learning is much more fun. Although amusing you have to admire their sassyness though!

  4. Hm, I wonder if we have Asos curve available in Sweden...*thinking* Why?! WHY!? do I live in Sweden where no plus size lines are good at all?! :P

  5. Meee too, its so great a new line that easy can be dilivered to germany :)

    by the way, I will add your blog to my blogroll :)

  6. @ Jennifer - from what I can see ASOS delivers to Sweden so you're in luck! Do you have New Look in Sweden? I couldn't live without New Look!

    @ Katrin - Oh thank you :) yeah ASOS is really good for delivery especially the options here in the UK