Label Lust

I need this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in my life! Although I can't decide which colour I love more, purple or stone, not that I could afford it either way...


  1. OMG! Love Love Love this M by MJ bag!! It has a birds on it - which I LOVE! :]

  2. i know exactly how you feel!

    I NEED the Jimi Hendrix Bag by Strenesse!

    But who'll give the money?! :P haha!

  3. Ahhh I love this one too I was looking through Marc bags and this is one of my faves!


  4. Oh I love the bag! I think the purple is such a beautiful color :D

    To be honest, I always liked the look of the Marc By Marc Jacobs bags but when you check the bags in person the leather quality always put me off, yet this design is so nice and I might give it a look.