Look: Nautical

The nautical trend of red, white and blue is a timeless classic, usually reinvented each spring/summer to fit in with current trends it is by far my favourite! With anchors, buttons and stripes it reminds me of all things summery.

Top: Dorothy Perkins, Trousers: Evans, Bangle: Anna Lou of London, Shoes: Office

Top: Dorothy Perkins, Shorts: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: Office, Tights + Rings: Evans, Necklace + Hair Slides: Accessorize

Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: Reiss, Necklace: ASOS


  1. You read my mind! I was in F21 the other day and they had a whole section of nautical pieces together and I LOVE this! I actually bought a red tank with blue shorts with gold sailor buttons on them. Thanks for this, I'm off to go and buy that Hello Sailor necklace! :)

  2. I LOVE those Reiss shoes!
    Okay so I never know whether to reply here or in my blog but I've replied on my blog!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the nautical look. Its very classic, I love classic. That "Hello Sailor" necklace is perfect! I love your pics for the night but I love the boat shoes for work. Super cute!

  4. So... I heart your blog and am completely enamored with your sense of style! Thank you so much for subbing BUT giving me something to to be inspired by as well!


  5. These outfits are adorable! I love anything with anchors!

  6. @ Jen - So jealous of your purchases! I may have to cave and buy that necklace too

    @ Monika - Me too, shame I can't afford them! I usually check back to see replies and generally be nosy so it's all good!

    @ Nikstar - I love the sailor shoes too but I don't know whether I'd be able to pull them off without looking like a fool

    @ Ari Michelle - Thank you so much! :)

    @ Meg - Me too especially if they're on buttons.

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and complimenting me all in one. and i'm so glad you did because I really like your style!

  8. The tops look great, I could buy and wear everyone of them If I could, it's really my style.
    You got great taste steph ;)

  9. wow i love how u put all the outfits together! I love nautical !

  10. Thank you so much for including a piece from the Anna Lou of London collection.
    We are launching our own blog soon so keep a look out for it on our website: www.annalouoflondon.com.

    Anna Lou x

  11. I love your stuff! I'll be sure to check it out :)