V Love U

Preview of V magazine's size issue shot by Terry Tsiolis. There are few blogs I've come across who aren't blogging about this and it seems everyone has something to say on the subject. This editorial is probably my favourite so far, not because it's any better than the others, but I feel like it's less about making a point and more about highlighting the fabulousness in everybody.

Credit: V Magazine, models.com


  1. Yeah I like this one the best. I wish more of the shoots had been incorporating larger sized models in editorials like they would any other model, instead of highlighting their differences.

  2. Yeah I totally agree. Although I think the 'One Size Fits All' was effective I felt it was more about exploiting Crystal Renn and highlighting the apparent need to make contrasts. I'd be more impressed if they just randomly shoved bigger models in there rather than being all 'look at what we're doing, aren't we good?'