ASOS Curve

When I heard ASOS were launching a plus size line I was ridiculously excited and I admit when it first launched I was slightly disappointed. Not because I didn't like the clothes, but because my expectations were probably too high.

Although I like a lot of pieces, until now nothing has grabbed my attention enough to warrant splashing the cash (I'm broke and jobless, I'm allowed to be stingy! Haha) but after realising that my wardrobe lacks basic pieces, I got a couple of necessities. I got the camisole in black & white and the boyfriend tee in nude. I ordered the boyfriend tee in the biggest size thinking it would have the right baggy fit, but as it's baggy anyway it was huge and the nude colour does not work with my skin tone so I've sent it back for a smaller size in black. My order got confirmed on the 23rd and I received everything on the 27th, even with super saver delivery! As if I couldn't love ASOS any more. Overall I was impressed with the quality and fit (the camisoles are long, even on my giant body!) and I will definitely be buying more things.

Anyway, moving on to the actual reason for what has turned out to be an incredibly long and rambling post! Being the fanatical person I am, I check ASOS Curve several times a day, every day, to see if there's any new stock. As I've mentioned, although I like a lot of things nothing has made me go I NEED! Until today that is ;) a couple of weeks ago ASOS asked ASOS Curve customers for their top 5 picks from the main line that they wanted to see in the Curve line. I cheated slightly and mentioned lots of things including these and today during one of my regular check I saw these:

As soon as I get the funds, these bad boys are mine!

If they made these, or any playsuit, it's possible I'd have a heart attack.

As I'm curious, what's your favourite piece in the line so far and what is your number 1 pick from the regular line that you'd love to see in the curve line?


  1. I love those mesh leggings--I almost bought them from their straight size section a few days ago--decided not to get the straight size ones from fear of my thighs lookings like strapped hams. lol. So glad they have it in plus now!!! :)

  2. I great, I will wait a few more weeks and then maybe I will order something. Its getting really better and better.

  3. I saw those today! Not my thing, but I'm glad they are bringing in more & more stock. The thing I'd most like to see from the main range is the Caged Skirt, I think it is really cute! I think at least 2 other people mentioned it on their thread, so fingers crossed!

  4. I LOVE ASOS!!! I get a lot of stuff from there.

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