Bargain Boots

Whilst pursuing the sale in Evans on Monday, I came across these bad boys reduced from £65 to £20 and they're real leather, a saucy bargain if I do say so myself! The downfall is that due to Evans triple E sizing, I usually get a 7 or a 6 rather than my usual 8 so they're slightly too big. My feet are probably too small for my height anyway and I'm sure nobody else would notice they're too big but stomping around in these make me feel like even more of a giant and will take some getting used to! I did gets lots of comments on them though and I'm excited to try and find outfits to wear them with.

Here's an OOTD of me wearing them yesterday (excuse the face, it'd been a long day!):


  1. They are SO nice :) You have such nice legs too :)

    Maria xxxx

  2. oohhh i love these boots i also have them too but im a mug i paid £65 when they were 1st released ;-0 ... I love these on you they look fabbby ;-)

  3. love the black with boots and jacket! super edgy and sexy! xoxo!

  4. love your outfit- very jealous of your legs :)

  5. Wow! Great find! I love bargain shopping :)

    xoxo Maria at

  6. these boots are turning me on!
    and I love your jacket :D is it the H&M one?

  7. Killer boots, what a nice buy! :D :D Nice Denim jacket too!!!!

  8. Oh my, those boots are so killer! I'm so regretting that I didn't get them when they were available. They are sold out now in my size. daaaamn.
    You look really badass in those pics! Love it!

  9. I deliberately avoided the shoe section at Evans during the sale - it is just to easy to get trapped buying awesome leather shoes for £20 - jealous!!!

  10. Hi again! *blush* You've got a sunshine award, check out my blog, Take care! :)

  11. @ Danni and Maria - Haha thanks :)

    @ Jo - Great minds ;) isn't that always the case though! I hate buying things then seeing them in the sale, probably why I'm a sale hunter haha

    @ BBM - Thank you! :)

    @ never clip my wings - Thank you :)

    @ Maria - I love bargains too but it's at the point where I get dubious buying things full price lmao

    @ Lodi - lmao you're insane. Yep! I lovee it XD

    @ charmed-chick - I was tempted to grab another pair that were in the sale too!

    @ Coco Risquey - Haha thanks! Oh that's crap! These were the last ones in my store too.

    @ Em - lmao the shoes are the first place I go, most of the time the sale disappoints me, I think it's the only shop where the clothes left in the sale are usually too big!

    @ Jennifer - haha aww thanks bb! XD wheyy

  12. loooove your shoes !! they rock !