OOTD: Don't Rain On My Parade

After a short week of sunshine it's back to being freezing and now it's raining! Not that a little chill stopped me from getting my legs out yesterday. Sod that it's cold and they could use a bit of sun!

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Me & the brother photographer

T-Shirt: ASOS Curve
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Office
Coat: New Look
Necklace: Primark


  1. You look great!! I really love that skirt! x

  2. hey!! I have the same necklace!
    I love the skirt!!!!! so cute!

  3. brother needs to take my pics sometimes, too ;))
    Yours is cuuuute!
    And I am very jealouse because of your lovely skirt and the necklace.

  4. I have that necklace! I love your skirt too!

  5. grrrr :D you're way too cute! this skirt is sweeeet! time for me to get one like this...

  6. I love the socks and shoes, you look so cute! I wish I had somone to take my ootd pics. I have to wait until my fiance is home from work and them im crumpled and usually covered in baby food! xx

  7. Too adorable! You look so sweet and innocent, you could probably get away with just about anything!

  8. Now that I'm back in Chicago, I have no niece to take my pictures! haha We can share your little brother for photo opps! hehe I love that last picture! Curtsy! You're just way cute.

  9. I love your skirt and you and your little bro are just adorable! I've just become a fan on FB too :)

  10. i like that coat!

  11. Love the skirt! Oooh and the socks and shoes combo! In the second photo, the tree looks kind of like a hair accessory or hat! Ha!

  12. is that lil cutee really ure photographer! aawww! big props to him! LOVE the skirt!

  13. this is a fantastic combo, lovely skirt :) it so comfortable when you get someone else to take your picture, isnt it?

  14. Two things - I LOVE your outfit...

    Second - How wonderful is your brother! I like that you shared a pic of him. x.

  15. You look amazing. Great legs :D

  16. I LOVE your outfit...let me know if you want to swap links :)

    Maria xxxx


  17. @ LaCara - Thank you! :)

    @ Les Pitreries de Vanoue - haha so many people do! I saw it in Topshop and thought it was cute but it was expensive, then I saw this for £2.50! Bargain!

    @ Katrin - Haha he's a cocky little thing though! Thanks bb :)

    @ Simple Beauty - Thanks! :)

    @ Caz - Thanks, it would seem that necklace is popular!

    @ Lodi - Yes I insist on it! Although I'm scared you'd rock it better ;D

    @ Francesca - Thank you! Aww, originally I just balanced the camera on a huge stack of DVDs lmao. I have the same trouble when everyone's at school/work though, I go out thinking I look cute then come in after college rumpled and windblown!

    @ ari michelle - lmao! If only that were the case :D thanks girly!

    @ NikStar - lmao sounds like a plan! I have two, I'll ship one over ;)

    @ Jen - Thanks lovely! I'm still trying to get the hang of the Facebook page!

    @ Jill - Thanks, they have a pink one on sale for £12 and I want it so bad but they have every size but mine!

    @ Alexia - lmao thank you!

    @ BBM - He's not as cute as he looks lmao!

    @ Alegra - Thank you! I find it easier than trying to take them myself although when I ask my mother to, I feel like an idiot!

    @ Em - Thank you! :D haha I know there's usually some grumbling but he leaves his video games long enough to help me out!

    @ charmed-chick - Thank you so much bb!

    @ Danni and Maria - Thank you, sure I'll check out your blog as soon as.

    @ Candy9985 - Thanks bb :)

  18. Hey, I really like that skirt! You're very pretty! :D