Even though I should have been doing assignments (or sleeping) I tuned in to watch the Oscars red carpet.

Smashed it!

Maybe next time...

Honourable Mention:

It was going to be Gabourey because as she said, "If Fashion Was Porn, This Dress Would Be The Money Shot." ;D but I feel as though not enough attention is given to the men of the night (or maybe I'm just a sucker for a man in a tux):

Credit: Oscars

They didn't show the actual show over here, but who else watched and who's outfit did you like best?


  1. actually I thought charlies theron's dress is kinda cute *rolleyes* :) wish I would have watched the show, hope I can watch it online later. :)

  2. I love Charlize but I'd prefer the dress without the train. I actually like Demi's dress too just not on her/with her skin tone. I should probably find out who won what...

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  4. Um, I like Keanu Reeves' outfit the best just because I still think he's super hot! :)

  5. @ Jen - lmao, can't say I disagree (although I think they're all fineeee!) Ryan Reynolds' black buttons are too cute though ;)

  6. KEANU <3 hotness!

    miley look amazing! *jealous* love her look!

  7. Man in tux can look sooo great .)