Seven Deadly Sins


I saw this on Toni's blog & thought it was interesting so figured I'd give it a go!

Most money spent in one purchase? - Aside from festival tickets, my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. It was a birthday present to myself & I love it!

Do you have any love/hate relationships? - Probably clothes, I love shopping but either I can't fit in items I want or can't afford them, so disheartening.

What do you over indulge in? - What don't I overindulge in? I live well beyond my means! Damn being materialistic.

What is your lazy habit? - Procrastination, it may as well be my middle name. I start things & don't finish them, I put things off until the last minute, I'm late for pretty much everything, I could go on...

What gives you confidence and makes you proud? - This is a tough one, aside from feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing, nothing in particular makes me proud. I'm confident though, purely because I know who I am & if I don't know you, the chances are I don't give a crap what you may happen to think about me.

What or who do you lust over? - 'I lust over most things. I have every thing I need but always want more. Or want it to be bigger and better.' Stealing this answer because it sums me up perfectly. I lust over clothes, accessories, shoes, homes, lifestyles, people, experiences, hair, money, intellect, wit, blogs, holidays, presents, jobs, emotions...I'm basically never happy with what I've got!

What are you envious of? - This ties in with lust (there seems to be a recurring theme with my personality flaws), I'm envious of what people have or have done that I haven't. Terrible? I know! I'm not an insanely jealous person in that I resent other people but I'm definitely hard on myself for what I haven't done & don't give myself credit for the things that I have.

What are your seven sins?

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  1. I love this! I can't admit my seven deadly sins or we'd be here all day. Lol xXx