Jenny Craig

June 20, 2012

A couple of months ago I was asked to try out the Jenny Craig program. Aside from a few posts on Where Are My Knees?, I didn't know much about them but I liked the idea of a pre-planned diet with an on hand consultant. Over the years I've tried everything from fad diets to meal plans and have been a member of Weight Watchers & Slimming World too many times to count so I looked forward to trying something different. Prior to starting the plan my weightloss had stalled but I had successfully maintained a 50lbs loss so I was hoping it would give me the boost to get my weightloss back on track.

Along with the box of food, I received a folder & a specially tailored pescatarian two week meal plan. I was a bit overwhelmed with how much extra food was needed; along with each Jenny Craig item other foods such as proteins and fats from a list of foods given were supposed to accompany every meal. My plan was set at 1750 calories which was higher than the calorie intake I was on and while I didn't think there was enough food for the latter part of the day, the breakfasts were insane and I usually only managed to eat the cereal & a piece of fruit.

For the sake of honesty, I didn't complete the full two weeks; I managed a week & a half so I genuinely can't comment on the effectiveness of the plan but I wasn't impressed with the options and I found the people I spoke to ill-informed & patronising. Considering the rigidity of the plan I found the lack of choice to be a problem, I can't abide mushrooms yet I received four mushroom stroganoffs. I also found it hard to fit around my lifestyle, I'm a student & as most of the meals required a microwave or boiling water, I was having to eat at weird times as going to university left me stuck. I also found that the extra foods meant I was buying more food not less.

In one of my initial phone calls I was asked for my stats and measurements and was told that to find my waist measurement I had to 'bend over to the side, it's where it goes in'... there are no words. After receiving my meal plan, I queried the high calorie intake as I was already eating below 1750 & was worried I would gain not lose. I spoke to several people & after being told numerous times that 'the calorie intake has to be lower than normal in order to lose weight' followed by a recital of the basis of the plan, I finally managed to explain that the calories were higher not lower & was greeted with a baffled explanation that the calories were worked out scientifically by a nutritionist etc. On another occasion I had a query regarding exercise only to find out that the person I had initially spoken to had disregarded the activity level I'd stated & put a lower one. At the time I was walking the 4 mile round trip to the gym as well as spending 2 hours there working out everyday & doing a weekly boxercise class, so to find out that I'd basically been called a liar was beyond offensive. My phone broke and I got a new contract & number during my second week but no one replied to my email.

I realise this review is wholly negative and I apologise but I'm not going to write a favourable review about something I was unhappy with. I still think the Jenny Craig plan combining a meal plan with a consultant is a good idea, especially for those who struggle or lack support but I think the plan would be more suited to someone who struggles with meal structure and portion size.


  1. Oh this sounded like such a good idea, seems like their customer service really let them down. It does seem quite a lot of calories for weight loss especially if they'd put you down as not doing any exercise either! What was the quality of the meals that you did eat like? Thank you for the honest review :)

  2. Good honest review! I know the other WAMK girls found it hard because they eat out a lot and it is hard in work etc I'm sure it is right for some people, just not for you :) x

  3. I really respect you Stephanie, more so for being so honest, and un-afraid to be honest x

  4. Food in the post has always seemed a bit wrong to me, but I have been tempted. After this review though I think I am probably right.

    Thanks for the info x


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