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Hi lovelies:)

Apologies for the gap in posting (again!), after much stress we still don't have any internet in our apartment. Although Orange have kindly given us a dongle until the internet can be installed, which happens to be late November, it means for now we have to share, making all this uni work so much more fun! Needless to say my flatmate & I are not impressed.

Onwards & upwards! As much as I dislike working (oh won't someone make me a lady of leisure?), I really enjoy spending. Who knew shopping was so much more fun when you can actually buy the things you want? Unfortunately for my bank account the above isn't even everything. I wish I felt some buyers remorse or could muster up some guilt over the fact that most of it looks the same but after years of being continuously envious over others wardrobes, I can finally say that I enjoy getting dressed. It sounds such an inane little thing, especially considering I don't dress that well nor am I particularly stylish, but feeling good about what you're wearing can change your entire day. Now if only half of the things I crave were available in my size...

P.S If you haven't read this then please do. The colour palette, the clothes...swoon.

What have you been buying?