August Snapshot

August seems to have gone on forever but it's been an amazing month and at this point I'm feeling ridiculously content. September means the arrival of my birthday (the dreaded 20!) and the start of university. I must admit, I'm a little bit terrified! Here's to hoping September is every bit as eventful as August :)

Listening to: Fall Out Boy, The Midnight Beast & The Pretty Reckless

Reading: Whistle Blower - Tess Gerritsen

Watching: Big Brother, Young, Dumb & Living Off Mum, Britain's Next Top Model (so annoyed that Kirsty got the boot!) & Toy Story 3.

Buying: Things for Leeds festival & the perfect black skinnies!

Wanting: My birthday to be further away ;(

Trying: Beetroot - equally as disgusting as the last time I tried it!

Loving: Leeds Festival! ♥

Planning: Moving to uni

Making: Cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies...I went a bit mad with the baking this month.

Writing: Blog posts & lists

Pimping: Let Me Eat Cookies!

Inspired by: Festival fashion

How did August shape up for you?

OOTD: Denim & Docs

Long time, no OOTD! How are y'all? I can't believe I've hit 270 followers, thank you so much! :)

Meet my new boots! The people over at Rubber Sole were nice enough to send me a voucher toward a pair of shoes, so I jumped at the chance to cross Docs off my want list! At first, I was a bit dubious, I have a thing about my feet looking big, so I wasn't too sure how I felt clumping about in these but after playing around with them I love them! I'm far too excited for Autumn/Winter (weird as I hate miserable weather) and I feel like I'm finally starting to build up key basic pieces in my wardrobe.

I can't recommend, Rubber Sole enough. They have a great selection of brands, including UGGs, Converse and French Sole. Not only is everything reasonably priced, (Docs are £15 cheaper than on the Dr Marten site) but there's free next day delivery too! For a limited time, use the code 'buttons' for a cheeky 10% off :)

Oh wow, I feel like that was a post all in itself! Onto the OOTD...

Jacket: H&M BiB
Top: ASOS Curve
Skirt: Primark
Boots: Dr Martens
Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Watch: Sekonda

I'm off to Leeds Festival tomorrow, I'm crazy excited and have spent this week dressing as though I was already there! Anyone else off to Reading or Leeds? If so, I hope you enjoy it as much as I intend to :)

I promise to get on top of blogging when I get back, but until then, I hope you have an amazing weekend! ♥

Simply Be Autumn/Winter 2010

As is typical of British weather, the sun has disappeared already so here's another Autumn/Winter collection for you to feast your eyes on! The prom dress image is gorgeous and I think I need that ladylike blouse...

What to do you think?

8 Questions Tag

I got tagged by the gorgeous LaCara :)

What's your favourite colour and why?
My favourite colour is hot pink. I don't have a reason, I just love the way it looks!

Who is your favourite designer?
Christopher Bailey. In recent years, I've fallen in love with Burberry and more specifically Burberry Prorsum. There's nothing outlandish or necessarily edgy about the clothing, but I love the basic pieces, such as the trench coat, which are reinvented every season and have that extra something that makes them special. Classic and quintessentially British, what's not to love?

What is your best feature?
Probably my legs, they seem to get the most compliments and they're what make me tall!

Can you describe your personality?
Oh my, this is hard! In college we took a personality quiz in psychology and it was found that I am a neurotic extrovert. The only one in my class and the most likely to become a criminal LOL! Criminal traits aside, I'd say I am pretty extroverted, in a group I'm usually the loud one, I like to be in the middle of the action. I'm pretty laid back, I like going with the flow but I'm (embarrassingly) quick to anger and slow to forgive. I love life and although I don't see myself as a people pleaser, I love seeing people happy. When it comes to myself, I try not to let things get to me but when it comes to others, I'm a big sop. People crying makes me cry and I get far too emotional over TV shows and films.

Where do you find inspiration in regards to fashion?
Everywhere! Magazines, blogs, window displays, people on the street, celebrities...I just love looking at clothes!

If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would you change?
Myself. I'm finally getting to the point where I'm genuinely happy with my life, I just wish I could like myself.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
Toronto, I've never been and I know almost nothing about it but I've fallen in love with the place.

What is your favourite quote?
I've posted it before, here:
'Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future' - Oscar Wilde

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, TGIF!

H&M & Zara To Launch Online Shopping

H&M's webstore is set to launch September 16th!

It's taken them long enough but I'm excited nonetheless! I just hope the H&M site is better than the European H&M webtores I've been on.

Topshop Autumn/Winter 2010

Whilst Summer may not be over, I'm over summer! I've already started buying things in for my winter wardrobe and I'm excited to be able to wear layers and boots. Topshop's Autumn/Winter collections are unsurprisingly filled with amazing pieces in a variety of styles. I have to get my hands on the oversized grey scarf!

What do you think?

Big Bum Jumble

If you're in London this weekend make sure you check out The Big Bum Jumble. From what I've read and seen it looks to be a fun day out packed with clothes for as little as £1!

The Big Bum Jumble is a jumble sale with clothes in sizes XL+ and a friendly place for people of all sizes. It is also a fundraiser for fat activist community events in London, including the 2012 Fattylympics.

This Saturday!

Stratford Circus
Theatre Square
London E15 1BX

For more info check out their blog and Facebook page! :)

OOTD: Back In Black

I feel as though I've neglected the blog! My family resident photographers are away on holiday, so without a tripod, trying to get an OOTD picture was no easy feat! I tried everything including: a ladder, table, footstool, book shelf, tape, bean bag, DVDs... and ended up a sweaty, angry mess in the process! So ridiculous. I won't even go into what's wrong with these pictures but my cousin is coming over tomorrow so a little persuasion may be in order ;)

Blazer: New Look
Cardigan: ASOS Curve
Maxi Skirt: Primark
Wedges: Primark
Necklace: H&M

I hope you enjoyed the weekend! :)

Want Of The Week

I've yet to be successful in finding a cute jumpsuit but the simplicity of this one looks perfect for dressing up and dressing down.

I've recently become an Evans Blog partner too! So until September 15th:
enjoy 10% off orders over £40 with code: 'EVBTTNBRG10' :)

Marks & Spencer Autumn/Winter 2010

I don't think I've ever been this excited for Autumn to come ever. Every collection I've seen seems to have that wow factor. Although, that may be because I'm sick of summer fashion so everything looks better in comparison! When I think of M&S, fashion isn't what comes to mind so, I was pretty impressed by some of the pieces in this collection. I love the colour palettes and the mix of tough black leather with soft wool and fur. There's a sort of 70's bohemian feel to the entire collection and the pictures are gorgeous.

What do you think of the collection?

OOTD: What's Black & White?

It's finally August, which means 24 Days until Leeds Festival! Anyone else been to a festival this year? There's just something about the festival atmosphere that gets me all giddy :)

I look slightly homeless but today is a lazy day filled with tidying & recycling... thrilling stuff, right!?
T-Shirt - ASOS
Harem's - Red Herring @ Debenham's
Sandals - Urban Outfitters
Headband - ASOS

How was your weekend?

Another OOTD after the jump: