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How was your week?

Shopping Ban


A couple of weeks ago I saw this challenge on Danielle's blog & my initial thought was: how insane. See, I answered yes to all the questions, I can relate; I have a shopping problem & the thought of not buying anything for 100 days? Yikes! It pains me slightly to have to do this but desperate times call for drastic measures, I need to stop burying my head in the sand before I end up bankrupt. Okay, slight exaggeration but I do live well beyond my means! I intend to finish the challenge on June 1st (which is technically only 83 days but who's counting?) & my rules are:

One No shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories,

Two No make-up or nail polish,

Three No skincare or toiletries until I've used all the stuff I have,

Four & no take-aways!

Essentials such as food & travel don't count & I'm allowing myself magazines & social events (eating out, nights out, cinema, gigs etc).

If you'd like to join the challenge, read the initial post HERE
Wish me luck!

Avon Calling

Avon reminds me of being little, my Nana used to do it & I was frequently gifted with clear nail varnishes & barely pink lipsticks from their children's range. When my Mum recently placed an order I couldn't resist adding a cheeky couple of items.

Avon Tinted Lip Care - Pink
I'm a lip balm fanatic & love tinted lip conditioners so I had high hopes for this. Unfortunately, it's awful! Whilst I love the sleek packaging, it barely moisturises & the colour is horrific. I have quite pigmented lips anyway & initially the colour is vibrant pink with a metallic sheen, reminiscent of something I would have worn when I was about seven. It eventually blends in to a wearable colour but by then has lost any moisturising effect, definitely won't be repurchasing.

Glimmerstick Brow Definer - Soft Black
On the other hand, I love this! I draw my eyebrows on everyday but it still takes me forever to get them reasonably similar. With a pencil I struggle to keep the pressure even on both brows & eyebrow kits never seem to be dark enough. The soft texture is perfect for lightly shading yet is equally as dark as any pencil I've tried. The only downside is whilst the colour lasts for hours, it's easily smudged!

Bought any beauty bargains recently?

Seven Deadly Sins


I saw this on Toni's blog & thought it was interesting so figured I'd give it a go!

Most money spent in one purchase? - Aside from festival tickets, my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. It was a birthday present to myself & I love it!

Do you have any love/hate relationships? - Probably clothes, I love shopping but either I can't fit in items I want or can't afford them, so disheartening.

What do you over indulge in? - What don't I overindulge in? I live well beyond my means! Damn being materialistic.

What is your lazy habit? - Procrastination, it may as well be my middle name. I start things & don't finish them, I put things off until the last minute, I'm late for pretty much everything, I could go on...

What gives you confidence and makes you proud? - This is a tough one, aside from feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing, nothing in particular makes me proud. I'm confident though, purely because I know who I am & if I don't know you, the chances are I don't give a crap what you may happen to think about me.

What or who do you lust over? - 'I lust over most things. I have every thing I need but always want more. Or want it to be bigger and better.' Stealing this answer because it sums me up perfectly. I lust over clothes, accessories, shoes, homes, lifestyles, people, experiences, hair, money, intellect, wit, blogs, holidays, presents, jobs, emotions...I'm basically never happy with what I've got!

What are you envious of? - This ties in with lust (there seems to be a recurring theme with my personality flaws), I'm envious of what people have or have done that I haven't. Terrible? I know! I'm not an insanely jealous person in that I resent other people but I'm definitely hard on myself for what I haven't done & don't give myself credit for the things that I have.

What are your seven sins?

My Week In Photos 001

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I'm Not The Answer For The Questions That You Still Have

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Mesh T-Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Primark
Ballet Pumps: New Look
Necklace: ASOS
Rings: Topshop, Gifted, & Evans

Recently there's been a litany of things I'd like to have blogged about but have dismissed as ridiculous. I keep second guessing myself in regards to blogging, there's this imaginary pressure to do things right & I go through periods of over thinking. Lauren recently mentioned a lapse in confidence when blogging yet I adore her posts! So, I'm going to follow her lead & continue to carry on writing my irrelevant drivel.

Enjoy your weekend!