June Snapshot

Since I love reading these little snapshots, I figured I'd be cheeky and steal this from Dottie K :D

Listening to: Eminem, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson & Journey

Reading: An abundance of magazines! Yay freebies :D

Watching: Big Brother, Chatty Man and 16 & Pregnant, so good!

Buying: Summer dresses, culottes, MUA make-up, Jeans and a bed!

Wanting: Some new headphones ;(

Trying: A new way of revising. It failed.

Loving: The end of exams and college!

Planning: My trip to LDN :)

Making: Green Monster smoothies

Writing: A bucket list

Pimping: Don't Call Me Jessie!

Inspired by: My fellow bloggers! ♥

For me June was full of exam stress and revision. Can't say I'm sad to see it go!
How did your June shape up? :)

OOTD: Maxi Dress

Jacket: H&M BiB
Maxi: New Look Tall
Jelly Sandals: Shelly's
Bangles: Evans
Earrings: Topshop

I finally managed to get my hands on a maxi dress that's reasonably long. It'snot as long as I'd have liked but beggars can't be choosers! I can't decide if me in a maxi dress is a do or a don't, thoughts? In future I probably wouldn't wear these shoes with this outfit, they were just the flattest pair I could find!

Splurge, Spend, Steal!

If the title of the blog doesn't give it away, you should know I love bows! So, it's no big surprise that when I saw these Marc Jacobs forever ago, I fell in love!

£343 Marc JacobsSpend
£40 Topshop
£14.99 Garage Shoes

Magazine Freebies

Summer's (almost) here and in the UK that means an abundance of magazine freebies :D

If you hadn't already heard, Glamour magazine is giving away 3 Benefit products with this month's issue. An eye pencil, an eye brightener and a concealer. All products are full size and total £45. So, even if you buy all 3 magazines at £2 a pop, it's still bargainous! There's 3 covers to collect: Alexandra Burke, Lily Allen and Zoe Saldana; as is my luck I ended up with 2 Lily Allen covers... This issue seems to be selling out fast, I made my nana and my mother join my search in order to find the BAD Gal eye pencil, so if you see one and you want one, snap it up!

Other July issue freebies include:

Cosmopolitan: Reduced to £2 this month and comes with a free book

Elle: An option of 3 free beach bags, designed by Reiss

Marie Claire: Free Cowshed bath/shower gel, 6 scents to choose from

InStyle: Free Moschino canvas tote

Tatler:Free sunglasses, 3 different styles to choose from

Company:Choice of 4 Jackie Collins books

Red: Free Jemma Kidd lipgloss in nude, red or pink

Harper's Bazaar: Free Giles Deacon t-shirt

Spotted any other offers or picked any of these up?
Let me know :)

UK Blogger Meet-Up

Image: We ♥ it

Hola! It's been too long. I'm not going to bore you with rambling apologies or make promises of posting that I can't keep, but I will say hi to my new (and old) followers and say that I hope to be spamming you with posts as soon as my exams are over! In the meantime, I'm still (wasting the time I should be using to revise) reading blogs; so, if you want me to check yours out, leave me a comment :)

Moving on to the topic of the post! Next month there's going to be a fatshion blogger meet up in London. Although you don't have to be a blogger to attend! We'll be meeting up at 10am, Saturday 24th July at Waterloo Tube Station. Shopping and a ride on the London Eye are part of the plan and what's not to love about shopping?

Having only been to London a handful of times, I'm a little nervous about navigating the underground and finding my way around generally. Knowing my luck it could be disastrous! Death by tube, anyone? ;D I'm hoping Sophie's superior knowledge will make zipping around LDN a breeze.

If you're in London or think you'll be able to make it, check out the Facebook page for more information or drop me an email and I'll pass it on :)

Skincare Regime

I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to my skin, my complexion is one of the things that has rarely let me down over the years! With all of the exfoliating and moisturising I get on with, it's ridiculous that I have yet to get into a cleansing and toning routine. I picked up these bits from The Body Shop as I have normal/sensitive skin. For the most part, it's all good but every now and then I get a slight reaction rash. I'm hoping this new routine combined with the sun will make my skin look fabulous! *fingers crossed*

What's your skincare regime? Any recommendations for a must-have product?

Want Of The Week

The sun is out and it feels like summer is finally here. Dressing always seems so much more stressful in summer. There's the want to cover everything up but the heat means there's a need for less clothing. I, for one, am a lover of shorts. Easy to throw on, they go with many different looks. ASOS has so many gorgeous things coming in, including these culotte shorts. The gorgeous print and lightweight silk makes them easy to dress up or down!

Park Life In A Playsuit

First off, I've hit 200 followers! OHMY. This is crazy ridiculous and fab at the same time :D I am so appreciative to all of you who read my crazy ramblings and I love all of the lovely comments you leave, thank you so much! ♥

Yesterday, the weather was glorious! So, I forwent the revision and took the siblings to the park. The sunshine makes everything look fantastic and makes me appreciate where I live :) Plus, sun is a great excuse to laze around and eat ice cream; what's not to love about that?

I don't think I like this playsuit; it fits weird, has no structure and a really long body... I am in love with my new shoes though! Definitely my summer staple.

Jacket: H&M BiB
Playsuit: George @ ASDA
Shoes: New Look
Sunglasses: Primark

Oh, and here's a picture from today:

I jumped on the fox tee bandwagon! :$

What's your clothing staple for the summer? I think I'll be living in these shoes and my shorts - minimum effort in the hot weather ;D

Big Fat Summer Challenge

Sarah has composed a challenge for the summer. The contest began Tuesday and runs until the 31st July. There's prizes to be won, so be sure to take part! All info is here :D

* Wear shorts (NO LEGGINGS, NO TIGHTS!)
* Wear something without sleeves
* Wear something STRAPLESS
* Wear a bodycon dress/outfit
* Go SPANX/shaper free
* Rock a maxi dress or something similar
* Wear something structure-less
* Wear a short skirt/dress
* YOUR CHOICE: Something you normally wouldn’t wear/do

I may have sneakily omitted the bathing suit rule but I'm not going on holiday this year and don't think I could work a bathing suit into my daily wardrobe!

I'm actually quite scared which is ridiculous! I haven't thought about what rule I'm going to add either hmmm
Are you going to give it a go? :)

Evans Ruby Belle Dresses

I have to admit, I wasn't one of the many who got excited about the Ruby Belle dress collection for Evans. They're out of my price range and not really my style but rummaging through Evans today, I found a couple of the dresses that someone must have returned (they don't sell them in my store). Being in my size, I obviously had to try them on! Huge mistake, I lovee the Flamingo dress and will have to admire it from afar!

Even though they're the same size and the same shape, the flower print one didn't fit the same. The neck was more baggy and even in pictures I think it looks more square on top.

Who managed to get something from the collection? What'd you think?