Big Fat Summer Challenge

Sarah has composed a challenge for the summer. The contest began Tuesday and runs until the 31st July. There's prizes to be won, so be sure to take part! All info is here :D

* Wear shorts (NO LEGGINGS, NO TIGHTS!)
* Wear something without sleeves
* Wear something STRAPLESS
* Wear a bodycon dress/outfit
* Go SPANX/shaper free
* Rock a maxi dress or something similar
* Wear something structure-less
* Wear a short skirt/dress
* YOUR CHOICE: Something you normally wouldn’t wear/do

I may have sneakily omitted the bathing suit rule but I'm not going on holiday this year and don't think I could work a bathing suit into my daily wardrobe!

I'm actually quite scared which is ridiculous! I haven't thought about what rule I'm going to add either hmmm
Are you going to give it a go? :)


  1. this looks like fun, i may have to give it a go.
    the sleeveless/strapless rules are what get me.
    good luck !


  2. good luck on the challenge!

  3. Me, I definitely can't do it not because of the rules but my days are so busy and structured I don't think I could do it. More power to you though, I'll like to see how it goes for you.

  4. I would have loved to participate but I do all the listed things on a regular basis anyway. The only item on the list which would be a challenge for me is bodycon but that alone does not a summer challenge make. Or maybe I could do just that.

  5. I am going to give it a go... but since me and my mum my go to a spa...I think I have to get a bathing suit!

    I love challenges!!!


  6. Sounds like a fun challenge!! I would do it except I refuse to wear maxi dresses! I don't mind them on other people but I don't like wearing dresses past my knees. Good luck with it girl!

  7. I'm totally going to participate!!! After I come back from my blogging hiatus! :)

  8. omg i already told katrin (reizenderundungen) that i couldn't do all these things... i just can't ... I faint as soon as I ONLY READ the rules of this challenge! LOL woaahh!