Sunday Summary 017

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Clearly I find myself hilarious.

This week has been the ultimate in tragic. I had to cover a girls holiday at work so have been in 6 days this week & if you could see where I worked, you'd know why this is such an awful task.

Although ASOS has helped me out some what, I still have the majority of my holiday shopping to do & thanks to my extra shifts my only free day to shop is tomorrow. I'll be raiding all the shops & sales recommended, fingers crossed there's still stuff left! With the influx of A/W wear, at this rate I'll be taking scarves & boots on holiday...

I'm still battling my way through blog posts (I know, I know, I'm a blogger failure ;) & coming across everyone's holiday snaps is making me envious! I need a girly holiday.

I finally reached my 2 stone on Weight Watchers. Thank you for all the well wishes & encouragement in regards to my weight loss. I know I ramble on about it far too much but trying to become the person I want to be is taking over my life (in a good way!).

I've done absolutely nothing of interest this week as is evident in this utter crap post! Here's to hoping you've had a more exciting week!

Have an amazing week! :)

I Know I'm Not Your Favourite Record

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Well, technically I wore this yesterday! Sorry for the abundance of creases, believe it or not I ironed that top before I went out & I know my ironing skills are dire but really? I adore this shrug, I picked it up in the sale & with a 20% off code & free delivery I think it worked out at about a tenner. Bargainous! I seem to have a growing collection of oversized shrug style cardigans which is weird considering how much I hate boleros. IMG_3483 editIMG_3428 editIMG_3523 edit
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Shrug: Style 369
Cami: ASOS
Jeans: New Look
Boots: H! By Henry Holland

Sunday Summary 016


I'm going to apologise again for my absence from the blogging world recently. Between working & working out, I barely get any time to be online, never mind anything else! I'm trying desperately to catch up on blogs with Bloglovin' (I'm at the beginning of July...) but by the time I've made a dent, 100 more posts go up. I will crack it this week!

Thank you so much for the encouragement in regards to the weight loss! I lost 5lb at this weeks weigh in so I'm hoping for a 2lb loss to get me another silver 7 or 4.5 for a stone in 3 weeks. Fingers crossed!

Between us Sophie & I must have tried every exercise class going this past fortnight. I feel like a granny with the way my knees are aching. I'd definitely recommend trying one out though, if only for the hilarity!

I'm having a slight freak out. I go on holiday in about two weeks, come home for 2 days (both of which I'll be working) & then I'll be off to Leeds Fest. I HAVE NO HOLIDAY CLOTHES! As you can tell, this is a huge issue. Any ideas where I can get cute/cheap things to throw on while I'm away? Don't get me started on what I need for Leeds.... panic.

On the topic of clothing dilemmas, it's my 21st soon & I have no plans as to what I'm doing, what I would like or what to wear. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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What've I missed?

Sunday Summary 015

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Excuse the travesty of this picture, I just had to show how wonderfully geeky I looked going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter the other day! Although not geeky enough to remember what side to put the scar on...

Firstly I feel like I should apologise for my tragic lack of blogging recently. I have no excuses aside from a lack of getting dressed properly & putting extra effort into losing weight. It's so wonderful to see so many of you though, so thank you for following! & thank you to Gem and Lauren for the cheeky links ♥

Going back to my tragic appearance (& most important of all) HOW GOOD WAS HARRY POTTER!? Before going to see it I was a wreck, how would I cope with no more Potter? But the experience was amazing & queuing in the cold was definitely worth it! Everyone was cheering, clapping & crying together in the cinema. So beyond sad that it's over but what a way to go, ey? Who else has been to see it? Or is in a similar state of mourning? If you're not a Potter fan & are completely alarmed by my insanity then shame on you.

I tried out exercise classes for the first time ever this week. Sophie dragged us to boxercise. Upon entering the room and seeing all of the ex-boxer, wannabe body builder men, it seemed like a terrible mistake. That was until I got into it! I was such a sweating mess with make up smeared all over the place but it was definitely worth the aching limbs the next day. We also tried out Zumba, not half as taxing but twice as funny!

In my last Sunday Summary post, I rambled on about using My Fitness Pal & I am even more in love with it! Thanks to diligently tracking my food & exercise I managed to get out of my weight loss rut & lose 4.5lbs at my WW weigh in last week. If my scales are anything to go by, I'm hoping for a similar result this week. It may take me a while but I will reach my goal eventually!

I went out for the first time in forever on Friday night, got slightly off my face & had a cracking time belting out tragic tunes. It's been amazing catching up with peeps these past few weeks & I'm definitely going to miss them when I go back to Leeds!

What've you been up to recently? :)

What I've Been Buying 001

As a cheeky post I thought I'd show you what I've been buying lately, I love having a nose at other people's hauls (& I'm a lazy blogger who's neglected this bad boy for too long!).


I added this dress to my 'to buy' list as soon as I saw it on the site but after seeing Naomi wearing it and the cheeky 15% off, I had to have it! It's adorable & well made but is indecently short as a dress on me, oh the woes of being tall. Not being a fan of the maxi trend , I quite like the midi one so this skirt was a nice addition for the summer & the belt has been a must have for a while. Unluckily for me I bought it just before it went on sale!


I had my first disaster with ASOS last week, I ordered this dress in black as after adding it to my bag I realised it was the last one (apparently I'm a competitive shopper!). Tragically they sent me a pair of work style trousers...I can't even. Anyway in a desperate attempt to get my hands on a black one sleeve dress, I bought this bad boy as at the time there was only one of those left too! Looking back I got this top & the River Island one on a whim. Neither of them are colours or styles I would normally go for, clearly I think I'm Rockefeller. This top on the other hand practically has my name on it, loveee!

IMG_3277 edit

Thanks to Lucy's post & Hannah, I had to go out & get a scrapbook. I initially wanted to fill one with fashion wants & pretty things as I am obviously that shallow but after seeing this adorable print (not forgetting that it was the only one left! I see a pattern emerging here...) I had to have it & intend to fill it with my travels. The adorable earrings are just something I picked up in the Topshop sale. I can't say I'm a fan of actual horses but horse charms are too cute. This ring is from Style369 & was a bargain!

IMG_3262 edit

After seeing Sienna Miller in a pair of cuban heel, tan ankle boots in LOOK magazine, I had to get my hands on a pair. I originally was hoping to find some in time for A/W so while my search was thorough I figured I had plenty of time to find the perfect shoe. Who needs time when there's a sale in Debenhams? Whilst raiding the Topshop sale, I found these bad boys with 70% off! Real suede & perfection all for under £20. Win/win?

IMG_3286 edit

Buying these shoes in New Look caused me much grief, they're about 5in, so in them I'm about 6ft 7in & judging by the looks & muttering sent my way, the clientèle of New Look felt this was unacceptable. If only I gave a whit what irrelevant idiots think. I bought them anyway & made sure to do a few extra laps of the shoe department just for kicks.

IMG_3287 edit

Good lawd, I ramble on as much as I shop! I suppose you're lucky I had to leave & didn't get chance to photograph everything else. Finally, I saw these shoes on Vivienne & again had to have them. Well, I figured I already had the socks, so why not? So, I tracked them down on Ebay & made them mine! 2 pairs of ankle boots in summer...what am I doing?

What've you been buying lately?
Have you been taking advantage of all these sales?

Sunday Summary 014

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Haven't had a chance to take any pictures this weekend (or do any blog posts this week, apparently!).  

I've spent the weekend in Leeds, with the mother & her bff, moving my life from my student flat into my student house. Much chaos & hilarity ensued! I'm in love with my new room so far, not so in love with the antics of one of my house mates. 

I went to IKEA for the time today, BEST PLACE EVER. Seriously, why have I never experienced this wonderland before? I got the most fabulous shelves for a ridiculously cheap price along with other fun & wonderful things we spent the afternoon building. When I actually move in & have everything in there, I'll do a cheeky post showing my room because I love it. 

Another first experience this weekend was the World Buffet, an all you can eat restaurant with foods from around the world. I attacked the ice cream with vigour. Then felt terribly sick afterwards. 

I decided to make use of my MyFitnessPal account this week by putting the app back on my phone & actually using the website. I'm in love! It's so much easier to use (and more fulfilling) than the Weight Wathcers app and has made me excited about exercise again. If you have an account let me know! 

You may already be aware but there's been a promotion running with the News of the World for free Nails Inc polishes with 3 tokens. I went to pick up the final token today but they'd sold out of the newspaper. Luckily for me the supplement with the token in was still there & the lady let me have it for free! Win/win. Fingers crossed I get to Tesco in time to pick them up. 

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What've you been up to this glorious weekend?