Sunday Summary 015

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Excuse the travesty of this picture, I just had to show how wonderfully geeky I looked going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter the other day! Although not geeky enough to remember what side to put the scar on...

Firstly I feel like I should apologise for my tragic lack of blogging recently. I have no excuses aside from a lack of getting dressed properly & putting extra effort into losing weight. It's so wonderful to see so many of you though, so thank you for following! & thank you to Gem and Lauren for the cheeky links ♥

Going back to my tragic appearance (& most important of all) HOW GOOD WAS HARRY POTTER!? Before going to see it I was a wreck, how would I cope with no more Potter? But the experience was amazing & queuing in the cold was definitely worth it! Everyone was cheering, clapping & crying together in the cinema. So beyond sad that it's over but what a way to go, ey? Who else has been to see it? Or is in a similar state of mourning? If you're not a Potter fan & are completely alarmed by my insanity then shame on you.

I tried out exercise classes for the first time ever this week. Sophie dragged us to boxercise. Upon entering the room and seeing all of the ex-boxer, wannabe body builder men, it seemed like a terrible mistake. That was until I got into it! I was such a sweating mess with make up smeared all over the place but it was definitely worth the aching limbs the next day. We also tried out Zumba, not half as taxing but twice as funny!

In my last Sunday Summary post, I rambled on about using My Fitness Pal & I am even more in love with it! Thanks to diligently tracking my food & exercise I managed to get out of my weight loss rut & lose 4.5lbs at my WW weigh in last week. If my scales are anything to go by, I'm hoping for a similar result this week. It may take me a while but I will reach my goal eventually!

I went out for the first time in forever on Friday night, got slightly off my face & had a cracking time belting out tragic tunes. It's been amazing catching up with peeps these past few weeks & I'm definitely going to miss them when I go back to Leeds!

What've you been up to recently? :)


  1. Huge well done on the weight loss. I'm finding it so hard at the moment. On holiday i got used to eating what ever i wanted ( i put on a ton) and now i'm home i'm finding it hard to get back to dieting without feeling really down about it! :[ XXX

  2. 4.5 is amazing! I've eaten so much birthday cake this weekend I will be lucky to stay the same boohoo!
    HP was amazing, I cried. It's all over!!! I've been on tumblr all weekend perving over Matt Lewis, I'm such a loser xx

  3. Well done on the weight loss. I can't wait to go and see Harry Potter!!

    Sadie x

  4. Hello lovely!

    Totally gonna d/l this fitness app, I kept telling myself I'd get my iphone and then get back on tracking with the ww app...yeeeaah its not happened :/ so off track its untrue!

    I went to see Harry today, was nervous because I knew I'd want to cry but I held it together and didn't, well i shed a slight tear at Fred and Snape. I felt like some ppl in the cinema didn't appreciate it! I wanted to jump up and say stop going to the toilet! Do you understand whats happened have you read the books shall I explain it in more detail SHALL I to people. I wanna go see it again! Gutted its over :'( xxxxx

  5. POTTER WAS SOOOO FREAKIN AMAAAAZING!! I cried, a lot! They definitely went out with a bang and it TOTALLY did the books justice! And 4.5lbs is AMAZING, well done! I know from experience that its very easy to fall into a rut, but the fact that you've got back on the wagon shows you're serious and WILL do this! Please feel free to hit me up if you ever want any ww advice/encouragement, sometimes I find it so much easier knowing you have someone to talk to about the whole thing!


  6. Congrats on the weightloss Steph! MyFitnessPal is so useful too :) xx

  7. Well done on the weight loss lovely! I really need to lose a bit of weight or at least tone up for my holiday but I just can't seem to find the motivation at the moment :( very jealous of you! Boxercise sounds fab, maybe I'll have to see if there are any classes near me x

    half the world away.

  8. Cracking up at you and your wrong side scar, hahahaha. Brilliant. It was amazing, no comadare like that in my cinema :( Booooo.

    Doing great with the fitness, I need to get back on it, going on holiday in like 7 weeks!! xxxxx

  9. Well done on the weight loss front, thats fantastic!

    You made me giggle at the fact you put the scar on the wrong side, but who cares, because you're totally rocking the hp look!

    I'm not in mouring yet, because although I've seen it, I intend to go see HP was sooo amazing I couldnt quite take it all in...I've now got a fully fledged crush on Neville, more so in real life but I think its the sword and the cardigan! Not going to go on about all the other reasons why it was amazing, but it just was...all those people that were "part 1 was boring, not going to bother with part two" well, in your face, biatches! The one thing that did make me sad was how sedate everyone was, and I think my squeaks, cheers and laughs were probably the loudest there....that will teach me for being at work and thus too tired to go to the midnight showing...I'm sure thats where my true hp cheering and yelling people were at!

  10. Well done on the weightloss.
    I'm not a potter fan never seen or read it.
    (don't kill me)

  11. Hahahah the lightning bolt is too cute!! I went to see i on opening day with my sisters and mom, and I'm going again this week to see it in 3d. It looks like it would be awesome in 3d.

    I totally agree with everyone on the Neville thing. When everyone made fun of him, I was like 'why are they still making fun of him? Can't they see how hot and tall he is now??!!'

    Congratulations on your 4.5 pounds! That is amazing!! I'm gonna check out Fitness Pal now :)


  12. I too went the midnight premier and although it was so sad seeing it all end i think the film really did justice to books !
    boxercise and zumba sound so fun i wish i had the courage to go on my own as none of my friends would accompany me :(

  13. Well done on the weight loss and how fabulous was Harry Potter, I saw it twice in 24 hours in 3d and 2d but I'd wished I'd gone to a midnight showing as I heard it was fab. xx

  14. getting off your face for the first time in ages = best feeling ever. haa.

  15. Well done on the weight loss, that's fantastic! I saw HP today and I was disappointed with some parts *waits to get lynched*

    Maria xxx

  16. We love HP, we can't wait to watch it. Hope you girls had fun!