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Acceptable In The 80's

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26 Things I've Learned by 26

In case you weren't aware (& in that case, where have you been?), yesterday was my birthday. Since turning 18, I've never been a fan of birthdays as the reality of getting older has never sat well with me. Rather than wishing to be 30, flirty & thriving, I've been begging Peter Pan to pay me a visit since my Hogwarts letter failed to make an appearance. This probably has more to do with my vivid imagination as opposed to any burning desire to stay young & free from responsibility (or so I tell myself). This year my family took me out for brunch & my best friends organised a surprise birthday meal. Food with my absolute faves & a showering of gifts? Suddenly, turning 26 doesn't seem so bad.

Rather than set a list of goals to stress over, I figured I'd look back to better appreciate how far I've come. Also, because I just really enjoy reading other people's life lists.

So, without further ado, here's 26 things I've learned by 26:

  1. Sorry may be the hardest word but if you’re in the wrong, it’s definitely worth saying.Some things are more important than pride.
  2. Using leg wax strips for anything other than your legs is a mistake. A huge mistake. Unless you enjoy walking around like a crab...
  3. Never put off tomorrow what can be done today. Sure Netflix is great but trying to pack, book train tickets & clean your entire flat at 7am, on four hours sleep, isn’t fun for anyone.
  4. Food planning may be boring but it’ll save you spending a tenner a day in Tesco’s, which means more money for shoes.
  5. Don’t be a pussy. Seriously.
  6. Using a nail file is potentially the worst way to exfoliate your face. Trust me on this one.
  7. Over packing is always better than under packing. Sure, taking three suitcases on an overnight trip may seem excessive but while everyone else is second guessing their outfit choice, you’ll have your whole wardrobe on hand. Who’s the real winner?
  8. Pretending to like or hate things in order to appear cool is lame. Stan One Direction with pride, boo!
  9. Intersectional feminism is hella important, support your fellow peeps.
  10. You cannot teach people how to love you, you can only hope they try their best. Disappointment hurts but when you know, you know.
  11. Friends who do not support you are not your friends, they’re your frenemies. Obviously this doesn’t mean they have to agree with your decision to drunkenly text your ex, but it does mean they’ll be there for you when it inevitably goes tits up.
  12. Listen when people talk, don’t just wait for your turn.
  13. Go with your gut, especially if your gut wants McDonalds. But seriously, if something feels wrong, don’t do it.
  14. Be shameless, life is far too short to be embarrassed.
  15. When meeting celebrities, make sure you’ve put a memory card in your camera. Asking for a do-over is pretty damn awkward.
  16. Travelling to and from Teesside to London by coach, in less than 24 hours, on zero sleep will make you homicidal. Just book a train.
  17. You are never too old to be a princess.
  18. Logically, what’s the worst that could happen? Mentally assessing how you would deal with the absolute worst case scenario is a good way to deal with situational anxiety. You will survive & you will probably be better for it.
  19. Consistency is the key to success.
  20. Having your pants fall down in public never stops being hilarious. Especially, if you fall down with them.
  21. You will survive. Every knock, every heartache, every soul-crushing moment where you’re certain you can’t go on. You will.
  22. Mushrooms will always taste gross.
  23. It’s okay to ask for help. From a small task to something as important as your mental health, you do not have to struggle alone.
  24. Ignorance is not bliss, educate yourself, be open to new ideas and learn from your mistakes. You are never too old to learn.
  25. Longevity is not necessarily better than intensity. Friends you have known for decades may not be as great as those you’ve known for mere months.
  26. You will never regret spending money on experiences. Unless, the experience is an open top bus tour in London. Or an art museum in Amsterdam. Or a tour of the Bronte museum. Or really, any museum. Okay, scratch that. You may regret spending money on an experience but at least it’ll make for a funny story.