When You Believe

Like the majority of my twitter time line, tonight I watched ‘Jodie Marsh - Bullied: My Secret Past’. The experiences of not only those on the show but people on twitter has left me enraged to say the least. I tried to write a post but it got ridiculously out of hand and ultimately it's not about me. I can't put into words how much it upsets me that people have to suffer through this. I'm reposting this video because I think it's something everyone needs to see. Bullying is disgusting and no one has the right to take your happiness away.

A Few Of My Favourites - Take 1

I've been writing this blog for just over 2 years & have been reading blogs for even longer. My interests have changed over the years (I used to be a obsessed with watching beauty vlogs) but for the most part what holds my interest within a blog is the same. As much as I love looking at beautiful pictures of fabulously constructed outfits, my favourite thing about blogs is the bloggers behind them.

My favourite blogs are those where I get to know the blogger, I'm not saying I'm a creep who enjoys stalking people's lives (although...) but I love learning and people are my favourite subject. Being a part of the blogging community is a privilege, to those of you who are brave enough to express your emotions, display your imperfections and stand up for what's right, you are amazing and truly inspirational. I've met some truly wonderful people through blogging & have been entertained and inspired by many more. In an attempt to show my appreciation and in the hope that you can enjoy them too, I'm going to showcase my favourites in a mini series.

Based in Canada, Lily is gorgeous, chic & stylish but it's not her love for haute couture that's kept me faithfully reading over the years. Her frequent words of wisdom are not only relate-able but inspiring. If we weren't so similar in age, I'd say I want to be her when I grow up.

Remember that beauty vlog obsession I mentioned? That's where I first came across Shirley. She has an amazing sense of style & I adore her eclectic taste in fashion. I'm slightly envious of her gorgeous hair but I love her attitude. She's confident in herself & her self assurance is something I admire.

cmkWhere do I begin with Katie? Her photography is lovely. Whenever I'm in need of cheering up, her blog is where I head to first. I don't know where she comes up with it but she's like a whimsical rainbow of fun, dancing through life in a sea of vibrant colours. I dare you to look through her blog without cracking a smile!

allolThe inspiration behind this whole thing, I adore Lauren's blog. Having lost a staggering 87lbs(!?), she's my weight loss inspiration. Not only that but she writes fabulously & her posts have a way of sucking me in to the point where I'm sad they have to end!

lfMoving on to another Lauren, Lucky French is filled with gorgeous photography & wonderfully written posts. Lauren has this amazing way of revealing parts of herself without really revealing anything at all. She's crackingly funny & I enjoy harassing her on twitter.

fdMy fellow giantess, Franceta has got style down to a T. She's ridiculously talented, hilarious & Canadian; what other reasons does one need to love her?

lizaMy self proclaimed older sister, LC is gorgeous & seems to have achieved so much in such a short amount of time. I can't help but admire her! Lizabellys is the perfect mix of life, style & inspiration & I adore her positivity.

mnmThere seems to be a theme of beautiful, stylish, inspiring females here & Zoe is no different! Another Canadian (did I mention my love for that country?), Zoe is adorable & mixed in with her lovely outfits are some beautifully written posts. This being one of my favourites.

AGFIn past Sunday Summary posts, I've frequently linked toEm & that's because she always speaks so much sense. Whilst I enjoy her love of dresses, it's her views on current issues that I adore. I hope her students realise how lucky they are to have her as a teacher.

nn& finally, Lauren. Noir Nouvelle is a mixture of beautiful pictures & an insight into Lauren's life. I don't feel comfortable divulging information about Lauren on my blog but suffice to say I admire her confidence in sharing something, that so few would feel comfortable doing, in the hopes of enlightening and helping others. She's inspirational & lovely to boot :)

Who're your favourite bloggers?
Let me know!