Simply Be Arndale Opening

IMG_0093I can't stress enough how much I love what Simply Be have done with their stores, from the shocking pink shop front to the gorgeously luxe changing rooms the entire set up is unapologetic in it's fabulousness. Unlike other brands that favour a melancholy of beige or worse feel it's acceptable to place their plus size range in a corner next to the men's section, the Simply Be stores are set up to make you feel good about shopping regardless of your size. With the way that women, especially those who don't fit the 'socially acceptable' mould, are made to feel about themselves through unrealistic representations, the simple pleasure of enjoying a shopping trip is undoubtedly important.

I recently attended the Simply Be flagship store opening in Manchester & like the other stores I've seen, it didn't fail to disappoint. Although smaller than the Teesside branch there was a great selection of stock with an eclectic mix for all styles & occasions; unsurprisingly my favourite section featured mostly black, leather & the infamous disco pants. After swanning around sipping mojitos & cooing over babies, I grabbed a handful of clothes & set up camp in the changing rooms; I fell in love with a gorgeous floral dress that was a favourite with the staff & an amazing black velvet skater dress that would be perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Aside from getting a cheeky picture with Kym Marsh & catching up with my little babe Rosie, my favourite part of the evening had to be chatting to the delightful staff & finally meeting some of my favourite bloggers, the lovely Gem (& her hilarious friend Steph) & my uni life coach Mel; it's so good to finally be able to meet people you feel like you know already. Huge thank you to Simply Be for hosting another fabulous opening. IMG_0075IMG_0083IMG_0087IMG_0079IMG_0081IMG_0105IMG_1911IMG_0111IMG_0090IMG_0102simply be
Above picture taken from Simple Be

Have you visited a Simply Be store yet?

What I've Been Buying 003

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Hi lovelies:)

Apologies for the gap in posting (again!), after much stress we still don't have any internet in our apartment. Although Orange have kindly given us a dongle until the internet can be installed, which happens to be late November, it means for now we have to share, making all this uni work so much more fun! Needless to say my flatmate & I are not impressed.

Onwards & upwards! As much as I dislike working (oh won't someone make me a lady of leisure?), I really enjoy spending. Who knew shopping was so much more fun when you can actually buy the things you want? Unfortunately for my bank account the above isn't even everything. I wish I felt some buyers remorse or could muster up some guilt over the fact that most of it looks the same but after years of being continuously envious over others wardrobes, I can finally say that I enjoy getting dressed. It sounds such an inane little thing, especially considering I don't dress that well nor am I particularly stylish, but feeling good about what you're wearing can change your entire day. Now if only half of the things I crave were available in my size...

P.S If you haven't read this then please do. The colour palette, the clothes...swoon.

What have you been buying?

Sharm El Sheikh

Hi lovelies. Hope you're well, this week has been hectic! I can't believe it was only last Saturday that I was stepping off the plane. Technically, I'm supposed to be packing up my life for my return to Leeds this afternoon but I thought I'd take the chance to do a cheeky update before I move into my currently internet-less flat. I had an amazing time in Egypt & a fabulous Birthday with my favourite girls. I may bombard you with more pictures in the near future but until then here's a cheeky peak of paradise: IMG_0007IMG_0022IMG_9987IMG_9925IMG_9993
Here's to an amazing week

Summer Paradise

Hi lovelies, hope you're all good. I realise I've only just started posting again but I'm off to Egypt tomorrow & won't be back until my birthday (September 8th, if you're wondering ;).
So until then, ciao!

Sleep Brings Release


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Coat: ASOS
Jumper: Ethel Austin (Mens)
Shirt: New Look
Leggings: Ethel Austin
Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Creepers: Studio
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Watch: Ice
Rings: Topshop & gifted

Shake It Out

Hi lovelies, where to start? You may have noticed I've had a slight blog overhaul; I've been deliberating over changing the name or just abandoning it all together but it looks like for now, I'm here to stay.

I'm not sure what to write exactly, more followers seems to equal more pressure & the fact I know that there are people reading this who 'know' me, or at least think that they do, doesn't help. I'm not sure when blogging stopped being fun for me but right now it reminds me too much of Facebook, and I hate Facebook. As the popularity of blogging has increased so has the desperation for followers and ~internet fame, I can't go online or read a magazine without seeing the mention of a blogger and their all important opinion. Now don't get me wrong, I love blogging and bloggers and I think the chance to showcase yourself online in order to socialise, network or boost your career is amazing; the opportunities are endless and bloggers are finally being recognised as a serious commodity, whether it be for marketing or journalism or whatever else.

But moving on, I know that this problem lies with me; I have an insecurity streak a mile long and the abundance of amazing blogs makes me question why anyone would want to read my disjointed rambles. I find myself constantly dismissing post ideas on the basis that they've been done better and bigger or that they're ridiculous or irrelevant or quite simply, why would anyone care? This has never seriously bothered me before, I've never had the best or the biggest blog and quite frankly my style is questionable at best. It appears my tendency to over analyse has creeped in and taken over, apparently paranoia is a tough one to shake.

Ever since I found livejournal at the age of 13, the internet has been a refuge of sorts, a place to escape and to truly be yourself without any repercussions, where the security of anonymity gives you the freedom to just let go of all the bullshit, to be whoever you want to be, to find people who share your ambitions, encourage your dreams, understand your fears, have experienced your hurt. Now I realise it's getting a bit cringey-young-adult-novel up in here but bare with me, due to the expansion of social media, the lines between internet and reality have blurred, people who once would have squinted at any mention of a meme are now asking me to follow them on Tumblr. Forgive me if I'm giving the impression of being one of those internet snobs who deems people unworthy of an internet connection if they can't correctly identify and name at least 10 fandoms, that's certainly not the case, I just find the shift in perspective odd.

If unlike me you're a sane individual, you probably welcome your friends and family to follow, add or reblog you, I on the other hand, find trying to avoid colleagues, old friends, those I used to live with, those I do live with, that one guy and those girls tiresome at best. I realise I shouldn't care and for the most part I don't but being judged is never fun and what's worse than being judged for being yourself?

Christ what a ramble, who knows where I was going with this? I sure don't. Long story short, it's time to stop worrying about what other people think or comparing myself to everyone else, it's my blog so I guess you're stuck with me.


Pants Party at Panache

IMG_9635 ...excuse the title, I did say I was a fan of alliteration! A few weeks ago I was kindly asked to attend a blogging event at the Panache headquarters in Sheffield. Prior to the event I wasn't overly familiar with the brand, aside from the few pieces I'd seen on Simply Yours. Specialising in D plus lingerie, Panache is a family run business dedicated to providing excellent fit & customer satisfaction. The trip to headquarters gave an interesting peek into the creation of the lingerie, including an overview of the the inspiration behind the designs and an insight into the creative process. The attention to detail that goes into each piece is fascinating and the lingerie is beautiful while remaining comfortable and supportive. IMG_9637IMG_9633IMG_9639 As if the pieces didn't look pretty enough on the hangers, gorgeous models were on hand to show them off. The bikini modelled above is a different colour version to the black one photographed below. The black version was easily my favourite piece in the Panache Swim range. Although I wouldn't wear a bikini myself, I loved the structured top, slight print & the stand-out turquoise & silver detailing; perfect on holiday! Another thing to mention with the swimwear is that all of the pieces include under-wiring, overt or concealed, for extra support. IMG_9644IMG_9646 While we were there we were taken for a bra fitting, something I always dread due to my ridiculously large back & small cup. Or so I thought anyway! There were three girls on hand explaining the correct fit of a bra & paying close attention to make sure the bra was on properly & sat right on the chest. I was pleased to be told that my back band was actually a lot smaller, although not so pleased to find that my cup size had increased dramatically! Since being fitted I've bought a couple of new bras, excited to finally be able to try on & buy in store rather than having to order online. I'm so much happier with the feel & fit of my bras & my boobs are finally where they're supposed to be! IMG_9659IMG_9654IMG_9651 Out of the four ranges we were introduced to, the Cleo range was my favourite. The pieces are bright, stylish & playful; focusing on trends while remaining practical for everyday. There was a real passion for making women feel great in fabulous underwear on a day to day basis regardless of who's (or in my case, who isn't) going to see it! I especially loved the attention to detail on the pants, frill trimmed legs & bows? Yes please. IMG_9653IMG_9666

The staff at Panache, including their lovely (& gorgeous!) intern Beth, were perfect hosts; passionate about what they do & incredibly nice to boot! This was definitely one of the best events I've been to with some of the most lust worthy products. I look forward to the release of their upcoming collections, we got a cheeky sneak peek & I can assure you they don't disappoint. Overall, I had an amazing day so huge thanks to Panache & Best British Bloggers for the opportunity!

Who's coming to Plus North this weekend? I look forward to seeing you there!

My Week In Photos 004

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I should probably make more of an effort to take pictures but I usually get too caught up in the moment.
This week has been amazing, I think I could sleep for days!
How was your week?

Sunday Summary 024

IMG_9688 Has it really been six months since I last did one of these? Lawd. I do miss rambling on though, so they're coming back. Unfortunately I was out all day & didn't get chance to get a picture of my lovely mug, so here's a photo of some jubilee themed children instead.

I spent the day (& most of the evening) drinking tea & Pimms at a street party in honour of her majesty. It was freezing & at one point raining but like the true Brits we are, we soldiered through! There was a BBQ & a bouncy castle & the best part is, I get to do it all again at another one tomorrow.

I travelled down to Sheffield on Friday for an event & got to meet up with Rosie for the first time in forever. The event was fabulous & it was amazayn to catch up with Rosie! We may have taken advantage (I say we, mostly Rosie ;) of the royal masks & jubilee themed cupcakes but more on that later...

I am so happy to announce that my shopping ban finally ended on Friday! I'm going to do a post explaining how torturous it was but suffice to say, I have learnt nothing & saved nothing; it was just bleak.

I've just started the True Blood series, (television & books) and so far I am not impressed; to me it's basically Twilight but if possible Sookie is even more vacuous than Bella. What're your thoughts, are you a fan of True Blood?

Did you do anything for the jubilee?

My Week In Photos 003

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Hi lovelies,
How was your week?

Wasting Words On Lower Cases & Capitals


Shirt: New Look
Wet Look Leggings: Dorothy Perkins
Creepers: Studio
Jacket: Evans
Jewellery: Topshop, Urban Outfitters & Style 369

Excuse the weird faces, I'm notoriously late & was trying to take these as my house mates were yelling at me to get in the car. I adore my new shoes, my Nana treated me to them over the Easter break & thank god she did because this shopping ban is killing me! Whilst I'm proud to say I haven't bought any clothing, accessories or make up items since I started (over a month ago!), it pains me to read my emails; apparently I'm signed up to every newsletter going & the amount of sales, discounts, offers, free delivery, new stock & 'must have buys' is endless! At first it was pretty easy, I just avoided the shops & spent more time in the gym but that didn't last and now I seem to have reached a depressing 'I have no clothes' phase.

Here's to hoping your life is more exciting than mine,
Enjoy your weekend!

My Week In Photos 002

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How was your week?

Shopping Ban


A couple of weeks ago I saw this challenge on Danielle's blog & my initial thought was: how insane. See, I answered yes to all the questions, I can relate; I have a shopping problem & the thought of not buying anything for 100 days? Yikes! It pains me slightly to have to do this but desperate times call for drastic measures, I need to stop burying my head in the sand before I end up bankrupt. Okay, slight exaggeration but I do live well beyond my means! I intend to finish the challenge on June 1st (which is technically only 83 days but who's counting?) & my rules are:

One No shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories,

Two No make-up or nail polish,

Three No skincare or toiletries until I've used all the stuff I have,

Four & no take-aways!

Essentials such as food & travel don't count & I'm allowing myself magazines & social events (eating out, nights out, cinema, gigs etc).

If you'd like to join the challenge, read the initial post HERE
Wish me luck!

Avon Calling

Avon reminds me of being little, my Nana used to do it & I was frequently gifted with clear nail varnishes & barely pink lipsticks from their children's range. When my Mum recently placed an order I couldn't resist adding a cheeky couple of items.

Avon Tinted Lip Care - Pink
I'm a lip balm fanatic & love tinted lip conditioners so I had high hopes for this. Unfortunately, it's awful! Whilst I love the sleek packaging, it barely moisturises & the colour is horrific. I have quite pigmented lips anyway & initially the colour is vibrant pink with a metallic sheen, reminiscent of something I would have worn when I was about seven. It eventually blends in to a wearable colour but by then has lost any moisturising effect, definitely won't be repurchasing.

Glimmerstick Brow Definer - Soft Black
On the other hand, I love this! I draw my eyebrows on everyday but it still takes me forever to get them reasonably similar. With a pencil I struggle to keep the pressure even on both brows & eyebrow kits never seem to be dark enough. The soft texture is perfect for lightly shading yet is equally as dark as any pencil I've tried. The only downside is whilst the colour lasts for hours, it's easily smudged!

Bought any beauty bargains recently?

Seven Deadly Sins


I saw this on Toni's blog & thought it was interesting so figured I'd give it a go!

Most money spent in one purchase? - Aside from festival tickets, my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. It was a birthday present to myself & I love it!

Do you have any love/hate relationships? - Probably clothes, I love shopping but either I can't fit in items I want or can't afford them, so disheartening.

What do you over indulge in? - What don't I overindulge in? I live well beyond my means! Damn being materialistic.

What is your lazy habit? - Procrastination, it may as well be my middle name. I start things & don't finish them, I put things off until the last minute, I'm late for pretty much everything, I could go on...

What gives you confidence and makes you proud? - This is a tough one, aside from feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing, nothing in particular makes me proud. I'm confident though, purely because I know who I am & if I don't know you, the chances are I don't give a crap what you may happen to think about me.

What or who do you lust over? - 'I lust over most things. I have every thing I need but always want more. Or want it to be bigger and better.' Stealing this answer because it sums me up perfectly. I lust over clothes, accessories, shoes, homes, lifestyles, people, experiences, hair, money, intellect, wit, blogs, holidays, presents, jobs, emotions...I'm basically never happy with what I've got!

What are you envious of? - This ties in with lust (there seems to be a recurring theme with my personality flaws), I'm envious of what people have or have done that I haven't. Terrible? I know! I'm not an insanely jealous person in that I resent other people but I'm definitely hard on myself for what I haven't done & don't give myself credit for the things that I have.

What are your seven sins?

My Week In Photos 001

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I'm Not The Answer For The Questions That You Still Have

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Mesh T-Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Primark
Ballet Pumps: New Look
Necklace: ASOS
Rings: Topshop, Gifted, & Evans

Recently there's been a litany of things I'd like to have blogged about but have dismissed as ridiculous. I keep second guessing myself in regards to blogging, there's this imaginary pressure to do things right & I go through periods of over thinking. Lauren recently mentioned a lapse in confidence when blogging yet I adore her posts! So, I'm going to follow her lead & continue to carry on writing my irrelevant drivel.

Enjoy your weekend!