March Snapshot

I can't believe March is over already. Where is my life going!? Usually, I'd be pleased with the speed at which we're reaching summer but with uni deadlines approaching, time needs to stop!

March has been pretty good. I could ~reminisce & lament about how crap I've been feeling about everything but then I remember all the times I've been home, all the friends I've seen, the places I've visited, the progress I've made, the things I've got and all of you lovelies. Everything else just seems trivial in comparison! So yeah, March has been pretty good. Here's to hoping April is even better!

Listening to: Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Quietdrive, Adele, The Spill Canvas, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, My Chemical Romance & Rihanna

Reading: Fear - Jeff Abbott

Watching: The Biggest Loser (& crying like an idiot!), Lily Allen: From Rags to Riches, The Model Agency, Inception, 101 Dalmatians & Hannah Montana: The Movie ;)

Buying: Denim & too many train tickets

Wanting: to spend my Groupon vouchers, but on what!? Helppp

Trying: to be more productive. Someone hire me?

Loving: going home so often & seeing peeps!

Planning: a California road trip!

Making: absolutely nothing. I feel like a baking session is in order, especially after seeing these mmm!

Writing: some 2011 goals, better late than never.

Inspired by: Spring/Summer fashion. Bring on the sun!

watch me

How did March shape up for you?

Now & Then It Seems That Life Is Just Too Much

As I mentioned in my last post, the longer I go without blogging the more anxious I get about posting. I know my inferiority complex is ridiculous but I read hundreds of amazing blogs on regular basis & mine just seems to fall short. So, like an idiot I've been taking a ridiculous amount of pictures for posts that never see the light of day. This isn't some ridiculous plea for attention (I'm the only one invited to this pity party!) & I know I'm being silly, so I thought I'd spam you with a few pictures from the last couple of weeks in the hopes of getting me back on the blogging wagon.

Back to the last post, thank you so much for the amazing comments! I loved reading all of your insights into blogging.

IMG_1892 edit
Blue skies

IMG_1959 editIMG_0394 edit 2
Uni/Messy Hair

IMG_1917 edit
Pirate Nails

IMG_0408 editIMG_1996 edit
McFly/Weather Inappropriate Outfits

IMG_2012 edit
Getting Spoilt

IMG_0380 editIMG_0376 edit

IMG_0401 edit
Planning Next Summer

IMG_2017 editIMG_2019 edit
New Shoes

The winner of the ShopALike Giveaway is the lovely Danielle!

Enjoy the rest of your week bbs!

If You Leave, I Hope You Need To Come Back

Hi lovelies! I hope you're well & have been enjoying the lovely weather recently (if you're lucky enough to have seen the sunshine).

I seem to have abandoned the blog for a little bit there (completely unintentional I assure you) but the longer I've gone without posting, the more off putting it seems.


I recently read this amazing post about the differentiation between, or mergence of blogging and 'real life'. Due to Twitter, the majority of my friends know of, or have seen my blog, with some even mentioning they read it. At first I wasn't sure how to feel about that, when I started this blog I made an effort to keep it hidden from people I knew, including my family. Although I've been blogging, as such, since around 2004 when I joined livejournal, it was always a very secret & private thing. Being able to say whatever you want (which in my case mostly involved emo rambling), without judgement or consequence was freeing.

Whilst I don't want this blog to turn into my livejournal take two, because that's not why I created it & you'll be thankful that I'm sparing you the whining & poetry (yes, really!), I think I'd like to start doing some 'serious' posts to inject a bit more personality into this thing! Not that I think you have any interest in my ~views but I'm going to make you suffer through them anyway ;)

In other, none 'me' related news. My mother has decided to start a blog. Check it out here

What're your thoughts on blogging vs real life?
Do you think your personality is reflected in your blog?

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Pee.ess. I'll sort out the ShopALike giveaway tomorrow. I didn't forget, I've just been busy!

Sunday Summary 006

How I actually spend my free time...

Sunday Summary on a Monday... oops!

My little blog hit & surpassed 500 followers this week, I'm amazed! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read or comment, it means a lot ♥

I went home for the weekend to spend time with my familia, it was so good to get away from the flat & some of the morons in it!

I'm apparently suffering from short term memory loss as I actually have no idea what I've done this week, clearly nothing interesting if it wasn't worth remembering ;)

Although I did manage to snag two of the ASOS Groupon vouchers! Who else managed to get in on the deal? I have no idea what to spend them on, so some ~inspiration would be fab.

5 to read: one two three four five

How was your week?

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

I'm so in love with this video. Jesse J's confidence and overall determination to stay true to herself is something to be admired, if not replicated.

Don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars,
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It's okay not to be okay.

Sometimes it's hard, to follow your heart but
Tears don't mean you're losing, everybody's bruising,
There's nothing wrong with who you are.

Sometimes, the need to reach our destination can make us miss out on the journey & the strive for perfection can mean we forget what's important. If you're reading this, then I think that you are amazing.

Enjoy your weekend.

OOTD: Semester to Semester

IMG_1774 edit

Considering my blog is supposedly about clothes, I haven't done an outfit post since January. Tsk tsk! So, although it's not overly exciting, I thought I'd post what I wore to uni today. The sun came out again & even after freezing my butt off yesterday, being the Northerner I am, I still put my sunnies on & left my coat at home!

ASOS seriously need to get on it & bring this dress back, so that I can buy it in every colour. It fits perfectly, has pockets & goes with everything! What's not to love? I'm wearing my new favourite shoes too, adorable patent loafers that have bows on. I may have to purchase a back up pair this weekend just in case...

IMG_1802IMG_1783 edit
IMG_1786 edit

Dress: ASOS
Shirt: New Look
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Red Herring

Don't forget to enter the ShopALike giveaway :)

Little Trip To Haworth

Aine's friend Laura was up visiting the north for a long weekend & with a penchant for Wuthering Heights, wanted to take a trip to The Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth. Being the wonderful cheeky person that I am, I graciously awed them with my presence tagged along! Secreted in the hills of West Yorkshire, Haworth is an idyllic little village with cosy cobbled streets and beautiful scenic views. Whilst I think the museum needs to provide that little bit more for what it cost, it was still a lovely day out. If only I didn't freak out at the first sign of sun & wear such a ridiculous outfit. Freezing isn't even the word...


Sunday Summary 005


This week has been pretty uneventful. I actually can't think of anything of interest I've done or achieved, which is pretty appalling!

I did have my first interview though, it was on the spot & unexpected but a learning experience none the less.

In terms of university, I finally have things sorted out & I hope this means that I can find it in myself to stop being an idiot & get the most out of this. I have huge dreams & aspirations for my future but it's my fear of failure & a lack of confidence in myself that's holding me back, not anybody else.

A huge thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment, there are some lovely comments on my February Snapshot & Sunday Summary posts, I stopped replying to each comment individually in the comments section as bloggers comment system is ridiculous. It doesn't mean I appreciate the comments any less but if you'd prefer me to comment back in future, just say! (how many times can one write 'comment'? Jeeeeez)

I ramble on about this all the time but bloggers really are a huge inspiration to me & being able to relate to people I've never met is a amazing. I love reading about other's successes and seeing others journeys & progressions, it really gives me the boost to try harder in life.

5 to read: one two three four five

Who or what motivates you?

ShopALike Giveaway - Closed


Heyy lovelies! Ready for the weekend?

I was introduced to ShopALike earlier this week & after browsing through the bags & accessories, I came across the most amazing pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes reduced to £30. Finding out they were from Office (and sold out!) I rang up only to be told there was one pair left in my size, in the Leeds store. So, throwing some clothes on I ran speed walked my way down only to find the store didn't have any! The useless sales assistant told me to go home & place a phone order as the shoes had been sent somewhere but would be available blah blah. A hot mess by this point, I hot footed it back home & got back on the phone, only to be told that the sales assistant was an idiot & clearly so was I. Moral of the story? Accept when things are sold out & move on :(

My ramblings aside, the people over at ShopALike have been kind enough to give away this Wimbledon Fiorelli bag to one of my amazing followers.


Gok Wan For Simply Yours Collection

As some of you may know, in January I was lucky enough to be invited down to London to attend the launch of Gok Wan's latest collection for Simply Yours. To read the post and see my pictures from the day click here!

Launching with a gorgeous spread in Fabulous magazine, the vintage inspired collection is finally available to buy. The collection encompasses gorgeous pieces from sexy lace bodies to tummy control briefs and with sizing ranging from a 10 to a 32 there's something for everyone.

My personal favourites include the Underwired Print Body and the reworked Banger Booster Bra. The colours and attention to detail are stunning and I love how both pieces have padded cups, giving a smooth finish.

gok 1
gok 2
gok 3

Sizes 10-32 & B-G cup
Available to buy here.