Sunday Summary 006

How I actually spend my free time...

Sunday Summary on a Monday... oops!

My little blog hit & surpassed 500 followers this week, I'm amazed! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read or comment, it means a lot ♥

I went home for the weekend to spend time with my familia, it was so good to get away from the flat & some of the morons in it!

I'm apparently suffering from short term memory loss as I actually have no idea what I've done this week, clearly nothing interesting if it wasn't worth remembering ;)

Although I did manage to snag two of the ASOS Groupon vouchers! Who else managed to get in on the deal? I have no idea what to spend them on, so some ~inspiration would be fab.

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How was your week?


  1. Ah grats bbe!! I'm off to Wiltshire this weekend which is near where they filmed the first and second HP, so excited!!! xxx

  2. Totally jealous you got some of the vouchers, i was mega skint at the time but it was such a good offer! :( xx

  3. i love this picture of you! x

  4. Haha Harry!Stef is so awesome!

  5. @FromGemWithLove - Eep! I'm such a HP geek (as if it wasn't apparent!) I hope you have a fabulous weekend bb :)

    @Laura - Oh no :( I'm hoping they bring out a New Look offer in the near future as my wishlist for there is so longg.

    @Jasmin - hahaha thanks bb

    @Ragini - LOL ty ;D

  6. Damn I look GOOD as Harry Potter! ;) xxx

  7. Love this photo of you :), ah I hated the people I lived in first year with, they'll be gone soon.

    I also got two of the vouchers, bought benefit make up with one, not sure about the other one, NARS blusher or a dress hmm


  8. That photo made me giggle - thank you for the smile :) Those glasses do actually really suit you!

    M - Even Artichokes Have Hearts ♥

  9. haha cute pic! I love it :) xxx

  10. I dress like harry potter characters in my spare time too- mostly Hermione though! It's crap you don't get on with your flatmates, I didn't when I was in halls either but I found some loverly people to live with in second year.

  11. so cuuuute, hahaha
    I received the newlook shorts.... JUST AMAZING!!

  12. Just browsed upon your blog and found that my friend has just followed you too.... :)

    I like your style....

    feel free to check out my can see some Australian clothes <3

    Mele xo

  13. Harry Potter [finest of British accents]. This picture is so cute and your skin is radiant. Glad you could spend time with your family.

  14. Congrats on the 500 followers!

  15. @MissAmySimon - & I look good as a mexican man obv ;)

    @IcedGem - Thanks bb! I still haven't spent mine eep :/

    @M - LOL I shall become a full time Harry-Potter-a-like.

    @alliejayne - I'm not a Harry Potter fan at all... *shifty eyes*

    @Theresa - LOL! I feel like a Harry Potter party is in order. Oh that's good bb, the people I'm going to be living with are lovely!

    @Immer - So jealous! I'm on a clothing ban until a bit of weight is shifted but they will be mine.

    @Falala Mele - Thanks bb :)

    @TiffanyW - You're a wizard, Harry! Thank you bb <3

    @Vanessa - Thanks bb :)