ShopALike Giveaway - Closed


Heyy lovelies! Ready for the weekend?

I was introduced to ShopALike earlier this week & after browsing through the bags & accessories, I came across the most amazing pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes reduced to £30. Finding out they were from Office (and sold out!) I rang up only to be told there was one pair left in my size, in the Leeds store. So, throwing some clothes on I ran speed walked my way down only to find the store didn't have any! The useless sales assistant told me to go home & place a phone order as the shoes had been sent somewhere but would be available blah blah. A hot mess by this point, I hot footed it back home & got back on the phone, only to be told that the sales assistant was an idiot & clearly so was I. Moral of the story? Accept when things are sold out & move on :(

My ramblings aside, the people over at ShopALike have been kind enough to give away this Wimbledon Fiorelli bag to one of my amazing followers.



  1. I liked your facebook! And I can't say a particular story but I know I have bought something in the wrong size because I felt like I could not live without it and it was the last one... um, you can live without doing that. We live and we learn right?


  2. I was shopping when I came across some ADORABLE red pumps, too bad for me... they were two sizes too small... I noticed another ONE in my size, I tried on the shoe, which was a perfect match. I looked around the same area to try and find the other match, and could not find it. So for about 20 minutes I stomped around the few aisles of shoes, all the while with one pump still on... looking for a shoe that was never found... :( sad story :s
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  3. I LOVE this bag - brill giveaway! My most disastrous shopping trip would have to be when I left all of my shopping on the train on the way home. Thankfully it was only bits and bobs but still very annoying!

  4. Ooh that bag is gorgeous! The first funny/disastrous shopping trip that came to mind was the time I was happily wandering round the shops, minding my own business when, disaster struck! My bra just broke. No exertion on my behalf, I didn't make any sudden movements, it just BROKE. And for a girl of my measurements, well, let's just say this was horrific. I could have taken someone's eye out.

    Thankfully though, I happened to be out with my nan, who worked at M&S for years and could get me a discount, so I popped in there and bought a new one to spare my blushes. But overall it's something I would rather not have experienced!

    I follow you via GFC and I've followed ShopALike on Twitter!


  5. Hm... Disastrous shopping trip. Think the worst one was this one time when I went out to buy a pair of shoes that I feel in love with at first sight. I'd seen them the day before, so I assumed they'd be in the store. I wore an entire outfit to match those shoes, thinking to change into them after I bought them... but turns out the store sold out! I was majorly disappointed. To add to the sad, it was a rainy day, and my outfit got splashed as I stood by the road waiting for the bus, which I ended up missing when I went to clean up a bit. I never did get to buy that pair of shoes... bummer.

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com
    i'm a follower&liked them on fb @itsuko.

  6. Hi please enter me I followed and Liked.
    My disastrous shopping trip was V embarrassing luckily I was on my own went into a shop picked up loads of clothes to try on including a fab pair of jeans only to discover I had forgotten to put underpants on!!!
    (I didn't try them BTW)

    Sarah x

  7. I aint entering- but whenever I go shopping with you its a hot mess LOL...

    Not really :) Taking siblings along is ALWAYS a messy trip, and not in a good way.


  8. My disaster is when I go shopping with you my dear as you cost me a fortune!! Only kidding x. Love ya. Good luck to everyone entering

  9. I like this bag !
    Look my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  10. My most disastrous shopping trip would of been when I went to this store and found the perfect outfit for work only to get home to realize I had bought the wrong bottom size. And I had torn the tag off when I got home so I couldn't return the skirt :(

    I liked them on fb.

  11. FIrstly, thank you for the lovely birthday message - you're such a sweety!

    I've followed them both ways just for good measure :) Aaaand the funniest shopping trip I can remember was probably one of the first I ever had without my parents. Think I was about eleven, and with my best friend. Having money to spend must've gone to my head as I decided to spend the majority of it on a not-very-good mini water cooler. That, just for the record, didn't cool water at all. It was just a way to have a glorified tap in my room basically.

    Oh god. The shame!



  12. My disastrous shopping experience would be buying a two left feet pair of pumps, duh!!

    Enter me please, i've followed via twitter and i'm a follower of your blog.

    Sadie xx

  13. What an amazing give away. :)
    I follow you and liked ShopeAlike on facebook.
    I dont really have a great story to tell, im too comfortable shopping online, but bad shoes have a few times ruined great shopping trips, I hate being the party pooper with sore soles. :P

  14. Gorgeous bag! My worst shopping trip was a day I'd been rained on and I had my new purchases in a paper bag. The bag, because of the rain split, and all my new clothes fell into a puddle! The heel of my shoe then decided to break to add insult to injury. I wasn't pleased to say the least.


    I'm following on twitter @AltiusTendo

  15. Disastrous shopping trip resulted in me getting locked inside a department store once. I was listening to music and shopping away...didn't notice the store was closing! I had to call 911! ...It was not a pleasant experience. :/ (joann on twitter as well)

  16. I went shopping a few weeks ago with my sister. I told her I was gonna go and try some stuff on, and to come find me so I can get her opinion. She doesn't show of course, so I ask one of the sales ladies to look for her, by the time she did show up everybody that worked in the store knew who she was. They were all nice enough to help look.

  17. Forgot this part: Following on Facebook and my email is

  18. My worst disaster was ordering a pair of shoes online only to recieve them and having them not look the way i thought, so i then proceeded to return them at the store and find something better I liked. I ended up purchasing a new pair however when I got home realized I had been given 2 different shoes in two different sizes. I then had to return those shoes shoes. They no longer had the shoe I wanted so I bought my daughter a new pair instead of myself and it finally all worked out;

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