If You Leave, I Hope You Need To Come Back

Hi lovelies! I hope you're well & have been enjoying the lovely weather recently (if you're lucky enough to have seen the sunshine).

I seem to have abandoned the blog for a little bit there (completely unintentional I assure you) but the longer I've gone without posting, the more off putting it seems.


I recently read this amazing post about the differentiation between, or mergence of blogging and 'real life'. Due to Twitter, the majority of my friends know of, or have seen my blog, with some even mentioning they read it. At first I wasn't sure how to feel about that, when I started this blog I made an effort to keep it hidden from people I knew, including my family. Although I've been blogging, as such, since around 2004 when I joined livejournal, it was always a very secret & private thing. Being able to say whatever you want (which in my case mostly involved emo rambling), without judgement or consequence was freeing.

Whilst I don't want this blog to turn into my livejournal take two, because that's not why I created it & you'll be thankful that I'm sparing you the whining & poetry (yes, really!), I think I'd like to start doing some 'serious' posts to inject a bit more personality into this thing! Not that I think you have any interest in my ~views but I'm going to make you suffer through them anyway ;)

In other, none 'me' related news. My mother has decided to start a blog. Check it out here

What're your thoughts on blogging vs real life?
Do you think your personality is reflected in your blog?

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Pee.ess. I'll sort out the ShopALike giveaway tomorrow. I didn't forget, I've just been busy!


  1. I think my blog is a representation of who I am, but in real life I think I am probably a bit quieter :P I think the majority of people I know, know that I have a blog and its something I'm very proud of! :)Gonna go and check out your momma's blog too :)

    Maria xxx

  2. Thank you Steff for mentioning my blog and thank you very much Maria for following me. " I have 6 followers " might take 10 years to get anywhere near what you lovely girls have but I had to start somewhere.

    Thank you again

    Dianne x

  3. I think comparing myself in real life to my blog...I'm much quieter offline at first - however once people get to know me I guess I'm quite like my "blogging self"

    The story on Viva Tramp's post really shocked and angered me that people could be so horrible! Only The Boy and my Mum know about my blog...nobody else - I think if people at work saw my blog I may get teased or mocked behind my back for it!


  4. I haven't been blogging for long but the only person I told was my bf as for some reason I felt like I had to keep it secret. my friends recently found out and were all like 'why didn't you tell us?!? We want to read it!' but I suppose if your friends don't feel how you do about fashion it all seems abit.....almost silly? I don't know. My friends are supportive though, they keep offering to take photos of my outfits for the blog!



  5. I'm writing a whole dissertation on this so it's really interesting for me! I think that blogs reflect a sort of performance - don't get me wrong, I aim and hope that my blog is a true representation of me, but in the end it's just one angle of me that I've perfected and created - it's a self that you have control over - and of course, there's a delete button if it all goes wrong.

    I think anything you create- be it clothes, buildings or blogs - will reflect you at the end of the day, but just how much of you, and which parts of you they reflect are questionable.

    Aaaand after that massive rant, I think it's great that you want to post more serious stuff - it's certainly not going to put me off! It's all too easy sometimes to forget that the important thing is to write what YOU feel happy with, and if noone wants to read it then so what? It's your little piece of cyberspace after all :)


  6. I have had a blog of some sorts for about 7 or 8 years I started as a way of showing off my Handmade cards and other crafty bits, but when I started to read fashion and other lifestyle blogs I decide that was something I could/wanted to do. I also didn't tell my Friends and Family, it's only recently I have told them about it I don't think they read it, if they do they have never told me. I'm proud of mine and like you I have expressed opinions and views about stuff that I might say out loud.
    I think a stranger is as good as a friend when you want you opinion to be heard.

    Sarah x

  7. I absolutely love your blog, so yes your views are valued :)

    Im new to blogging, but i definately think my blog reflects me and my personality, fashion wise and rant wise! It just comes naturally i guess, im the author of my life and my blog - so i think it happens naturally


  8. My blog is absolutely my personality...maybe I'm a little more punk than I reflect, hahaha.
    Your mum is adorable!

  9. Hey,
    What and interesting post its horrible to think people have been bullied because of blogging.
    I dont really have to keep my to worlds a part nor did iwant to. I think my blog is Is very “me” and friend who have read it have commented on this, (apparently they can imagine me saying everything write).I agree with ellieand that obviously the blog is a polished version of me without the emotional rants and days spent in bed watching loose women and eating cereal out of the box !I’m in my 3rd year of university and blogging gives me a sense of control when life feels as though I have very limited options.


  10. i didn't want anyone i knew to read my blog. i started blogging with a pseudonym, but that didn't last long. eventually i came around to telling two of my besties and my boyfriend where to find it. i still don't broadcast it for the world to know. it'd be different if i blogged more objectively, but my blog, is all me, me, me. there's freedom in writing for people you don't know. i'm sure eventually i'll find more of a balance where i'll be willing to let more people read it, and i also figure out how to write without overshare, but for now, i like internet friends in the know, and real life friends in the dark.

    looking forward to your more "serious" posts. i appreciate when bloggers inject more of themselves into their blogs.

  11. I think my blog is my personality, I've never felt the need to hide it.
    I love blogs with an idea of who the blogger is,
    rather than conforming to type.
    I'd love to read posts involving your views :) x

  12. A person's life is so much more than a blog can hope to portray. A reader can never hear the way I guffaw in the most unladylike manner, or know my nervous twitch and a blog is only a brief manifestation of what you want it to be. There will be things I will be glad to share with the public and private things that are best stored away but of course, the blogger can choose whichever makes her feel comfortable. The reason why I fill it with frivolous stuff is because if any of my friends in real life stumble upon it, I don't mind them laughing at the frivolity of it or even continue reading it but definitely if I also keep very private matters on it, I will feel embarrassed and a sense of unease which I'll rather not.