Now & Then It Seems That Life Is Just Too Much

As I mentioned in my last post, the longer I go without blogging the more anxious I get about posting. I know my inferiority complex is ridiculous but I read hundreds of amazing blogs on regular basis & mine just seems to fall short. So, like an idiot I've been taking a ridiculous amount of pictures for posts that never see the light of day. This isn't some ridiculous plea for attention (I'm the only one invited to this pity party!) & I know I'm being silly, so I thought I'd spam you with a few pictures from the last couple of weeks in the hopes of getting me back on the blogging wagon.

Back to the last post, thank you so much for the amazing comments! I loved reading all of your insights into blogging.

IMG_1892 edit
Blue skies

IMG_1959 editIMG_0394 edit 2
Uni/Messy Hair

IMG_1917 edit
Pirate Nails

IMG_0408 editIMG_1996 edit
McFly/Weather Inappropriate Outfits

IMG_2012 edit
Getting Spoilt

IMG_0380 editIMG_0376 edit

IMG_0401 edit
Planning Next Summer

IMG_2017 editIMG_2019 edit
New Shoes

The winner of the ShopALike Giveaway is the lovely Danielle!

Enjoy the rest of your week bbs!


  1. tom fletcher could he really be a god? i think so, haha.

    are those the high waisted shorts from inspire? i've been lusting over those :) xx

  2. @aroselikelthis - He's beautiful! They are, they're quite stretchy so if you don't get chance to try them on, I'd size down :)

  3. I have the same rose denim shorts! I found them quite unique and adores them.

  4. Love the shoes! I had similar ones but they recently broke. I need to get some newbies.

  5. loving your beautiful shoes and the red lip colour!

    Keep posting please, you always look so beautiful!

    Mele, Australia

  6. I happen to love your weather inappropriate outfit 1) because its adorable and 2) because its weather inappropriate LOL. I also enjoy when you do posts like this, so don't ever feel like your blog will fall short, your readers will continue to read through your anxiety baby girl :)

  7. Thank you so much hun :) how very exciting!
    YAY for road trip planning, me and my friends are doing the same atm, though whether it will actually happen is another thing entirely.
    Also, JEALOUS that you got to see McFly. Yum x

  8. The pirate nails are just awesome!

    The new shoes are sooo cute! Where did you buy them from?

    YAY for road trip much fun!

    I saw McFly at V Fest about 2 years ago and they were amazing live!

    Also to add I enjoy reading all of your posts so don't ever feel like your blog falls doesn't! :)

  9. I love those pirate nails and your shoes are gorgeous :) Road trips are always fun, especially spontaneous ones :D

    Maria xxx

  10. love those chunky heels.
    Come to Wales on a road trip, we're all friendly here and there are lots of lovely castles and beaches xx

  11. love all of this :) especially the shorts and new shoes! so pretty x

  12. Pirate nails? I actually love you.

  13. @The Merry Traveller - They're adorable! I've loved them since I first spotted them on the site. Now the sun needs to come out so I can wear them.

    @M - Thanks bb! I've been looking for some block heel mary janes forever

    @Falala Mele - Oh wow, that's a compliment & a half. Thank you lovely <3

    @Franceta - LOL hey the sun has to be shining somewhere, right? ;) ly bb!

    @ellieand - oo where are you wanting to go bb? We want to do California! Dream big, ey? ;)

    @.x.Sarah.x. - Thank you so much bb. I love those little nail sticker things, shame they are so hard to put on! I've seen McFly 3 times now (embarrassing!) & even though the last 2 times, I barely knew any songs, they always put on an amazing performance.

    @Maria - Thank you lovely :)

    @Gem - They're my new babes. Although they'll probably end up joining my ridiculous pile of shoes that have yet to see the light of day. There's beaches in Wales? ;) The last (& only) time I went our tent flooded... hahaha!

    @KLEE - Thanks lovely! I think I'm New Looks biggest fan :$

  14. Oooh, where is the cover up in 'weather inappropriate outfits' from? Lovely. And your hair looks incredible in the narcissism pics.

  15. @fanciful - It's from Primark :) Thank you bb!

  16. Heyy x Just come across your blog, love it! And love those shoes :D!!!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  17. @LittlePeaches: Thanks lovely!

    @Dresses.Shoes.Lipstick.Love: Thanks bb :)

  18. pretty :)

    I dont wana seem weird but you have a cute nose! lol :)