New Collections From Simply Be

As some of you may already know, Simply Be have recently released their new collections, Hot Tropic and African Beat. Simply Be carries a range of sizes from 14 - 32 and offers a huge selection of clothing, shoes and accessories to suit everyone's style and taste. Although they don't ship to the US now, they will be in July, so keep an eye out! These are my favourite pieces from the collection:

Which is your favourite? Check out Em's blog, Oh, the Places You'll Go, for a review of some of the pieces! :)

New collections aside, I am in love with this Ruby Rocks jumpsuit. I adore the shape and the slouchy sleeves. Shame I can't afford the pricetag!

For updates and competitions from Simply Be, go visit their blog :)

12 Questions Tag

I always like reading little tags like this, so figured I'd do one. I didn't get tagged so technically, I stole this from Lily Loves Lola!

What shoe size are you?
UK8, my feet (especially in heels) look weirdly small for my height!

Where do you work?
I don't ;(

Favourite piece of clothing you own?
My blazers! I wear them with everything. I love how structured they are as opposed to a cardigan.

Your favourite blog?
oo this is hard and changes on a day to day basis! Although I did put pretty much all of my favourite blogs in this post, overall my favourite blogs are probably Saks in the City, Fatshionable and Musings of a Fatshionista. They all have their own unique style but they're all so gorgeous and inspiring! Not fashion related, I adore Color Me Katie, her outlook on life is amazing! ♥

Do you have any pets?
I have a cat called Sox. She likes lounging around looking cute.

How many siblings do you have?
3; two brothers, 12 & 10 and a sister who's 4. They are menaces!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Leeds! and I get to in September <3

What were you doing before this?
Watching the Sound of Music, how embarrassing...

Your favourite food?
Ice cream! mmm

Do you have a middle name?
I have two: Danielle Jade

Your favourite websites?
Besides blogs, ASOS, Twitter, Net-A-Porter & Oh No They Didn't.

Who do you tag?
Everyone! :)

Images: We ♥ it

Park Life

I seem to be failing at blogging these days. I'm stressing so much about college, uni and my future in general that I just haven't had the energy to keep on top of it, but I am still managing to read (almost) all the blogs I follow; even if I don't manage to comment. Although speaking of energy, I don't know where mine has gone! At a time when I need it most, I can barely rustle up enough focus to get my ass out of bed. Not good.

Nonsensical ramblings aside, due to my family going away for the weekend, my little sister and I went to stay with my Nana. The weather has been glorious here, so we decided to take a (longgg) walk to the park. I may be excited to see a little sun but my wardrobe is not! My uniform of leggings and a blazer isn't going to cut it. I need summer clothes STAT! Sweaty pictures ahead:

Still can't decide how I feel about this top on me :/

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! :)

LuShae Jewellery Review

This post is a huge thank you to Sarah from Lushae Jewellery. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago and given the opportunity to sample a piece from the range. Initially I was impressed with the diversity and the information provided, each item is shown on a measuring scale and has in-depth detail of what it is made of. After going back and forth over which item to pick, I eventually chose this little guy:

On a day to day basis, I typically don't wear a lot of jewellery. A pair of earrings and my charm bracelets are usually as exciting as it gets, so I wanted something that I could wear any time and incorporate into all of my outfits. The thing with rings is, I have giant hands, so getting bangles and rings to fit is usually a no go. So I love that the rings come in a choice of several sizes. If, like me, you don't know your ring size, there's a handy
size guide too.

I must admit that I was initially a bit dubious about doing a review, after all the ingenuity that I've seen go on, on Youtube, I was worried about what to do if I didn't like it. Thankfully the opposite is true and I am in love with it! It was delivered incredibly fast and I didn't have to pay any custom charges; it's fabulous quality (no green fingers here!) and I've received several compliments on it already :)

The pictures really don't do him justice

Check 'em out here. There's some gorgeous, fancy pieces and while stocks last, there's 50% off promise rings.

The Fear - What Not To Wear

Everyone knows the fatshion rules; don't wear horizontal stripes, don't wear print, don't wear bright colours, don't wear anything form fitting, keep bare skin to an absolute minimum; generally dress and act like a shadow.

Now, due to more options, bloggers, the media and plain common sense, these rules are less adhered to, but not completely irrelevant.

Too often I hear the word 'flatter' and not in the good 'that makes you look amazing' kind of way, but more along the lines of 'do you really think you could pull that off?'. I've never paid any attention to the rules and rather naively assumed everyone else felt the same way. It's posts like this that remind me the rules have been upheld for a reason. There's only so long society can take the blame for how we choose to dress. There's nothing wrong with sticking to the rules if that's what you're comfortable with, but how far are our clothing choices dictated by the fear of ridicule or the preconception that we have to dress in order to satisfy societies expectations?

Rather upsettingly, it would seem that almost everyone has had that moment where they've forgone wearing something they like for the fear of looking like a fool. Of course this isn't subjective to those of us who are fat, everyone second guesses themselves; but when something as innocuous as a stripy t-shirt becomes an issue, there's a problem somewhere.

Of all the hang-ups I have, dressing has never been one of them. Although I wasn't always fat, I've always felt and been told I'm fat. This didn't stop me from wearing neon lycra leggings back in the day and hasn't stopped me since. No matter how many times I've witnessed my mother pull a face and start the 'should you be wearing that?' speech, if I like it, I'll wear it. That doesn't mean I always get it right, few people always do, but I'm willing to give it a try!

Of course this is just me. What I want to know is, how do you feel about the rules? Have you ever had that moment where you think 'I shouldn't wear that'? Who's most likely to influence your clothing choices, your family, your peers, your partner? Or something else? Has your view on how you dress changed over time? If it has, are you more or less confident now?

Crazy amount of questions but this is something I'm genuinely interested in and I'd love to read your views! :)

Mini Make-Up Haul

Balanced Foundation in 'Jamaica'

House Of Fraser doesn't sell Nars in my town, so I was surprised to find this marked down on the counter! It had £10 off due to it having 'leaked a little'. I took it out and had a sneaky swatch/quick check to assess the damage and it was in perfect condition so I had to snatch it up. Being half Jamaican the name is also fitting ;D. I haven't used it enough to decide on when I like it or not but I can say I don't like the smell!

MAC Signature 'Mini-Petite'

My Mutti went on a girly weekend in Leeds and was nice enough to bring me some things back! I already have the signature sac in medium but this one is really diddy and so cute! It's probably about the same height as the mascara.

'Get Rich Quick' Dazzleglass, Zoom Fast Black Lash & 'Dirty Plum' blush

The Dazzleglass is definitely her colour and not mine so she may be keeping it (sneaky!). I've yet to try a MAC mascara and I've heard that they're not worth the money, so I'm curious to try it out. I love the Liberty of London collection and as is my luck, everything I wanted was sold out (as was Viva Glam Gaga!) except this blush. It's so pretty, I love it! When it comes to make up I tend to stay away from boring neutrals and I like to go a little crazy when picking colours so the deep purple of this is perfect. If you're thinking of getting it though, a word of warning: it is PURPLE! Seriously, used to using sheertone blushes, I wacked this on all willynilly this morning and had bright purple cheeks, not a good look!

Skin Tint in Dark, Lipstick in Vamp

As most people already know, Topshop have brought out a make up range. Seeing the promo pics I was quite excited to see the products but then seeing the prices I was dubious; £5 for nail polish when Barry M sells it for £2.95? Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to splash out if it's for OPI, Nails Inc or another well known, reliable brand, but for a stores make up range I thought they could have made things slightly cheaper! Anyway, I was in town today and was surprised to find they had the make up in my store. I've already heard bad things about the crayons (or was it the liners?) either way, apparently their staying power isn't too great and I'd heard the blushes weren't as vibrant (or didn't show up at all) when used on the skin. Not a good start! I had a fiddle around though and had to get this lipstick. I always see Christina rocking the vampy lips and have been looking for the perfect purple for a while now. Due to the lack of options available, I also have this bad habit of getting make up just for the fact that it's in my shade, so naturally when I tested the skin tint and found it to be the perfect match, I had to grab it! With student discount it wasn't too costly, so depending on how they work out, I may have to grab some more bits.

Topshop lipstick in Vamp

I love it so far! :)

Candy Stripes

Sloane Mews & Mint Green

The other day I failed miserably trying to recreate the look from Bachman's Sparrow's tutorial. Firstly, I made the mistake of not cutting the strips of tape before I started painting. So, I had the fiddly task of trying to cut and stick on bits of tape whilst I had wet nails. Then I found that the consistency of the mint green is a lot thicker than the pink so I ended up with a groove where the tape had been and had to fill in the gaps free hand. I'm tempted to give it another try 'cause if done well, it could look so cute! There must be an easier way...

Another creepy hand picture

Difficulty: 4/5
(unless you have a steady hand!)

Something Is Wrong

Review: L'Oreal Perfect Clean Exfoliating Foaming Gentle Scrub

"Perfect Clean changes the face of cleansing with the Scrublet™, a soft & flexible cleansing brush. Perfect Clean gently removes dirt, oil & make-up for a deep pore cleansing experience. This formula is suitable to all skin types. Gently cleansed and exfoliated, your skin is left soft and smooth."
After seeing Lollipop Loves review on the soothing foaming wash, I had to grab one of these for myself. I picked the exfoliating one thinking the results would be more noticeable and I've been slacking on that front lately.The Good: I've been using it for about a week and already my skin looks smoother and fresher. A little goes a long way and it smells gorgeous, like peaches! I have sensitive skin and whilst the bits in it are enough to exfoliate, it's not abrasive.

The Bad: The Scrublet; I think it's a good idea but poorly executed. Most of the bits in the scrub end up staying on The Scrublet, rather than on your face and I find it a little harsh. I found it was much more effective to use my fingers or one of these.

The Info:
Size: 150ml
Suitable For: All skin types
Rating: 9/10

I would definitely repurchase, I think for the price, the results and the amount you get it's worth it! I'm already eyeing up the foaming gel wash.

Anyone else tried a product from this range? What're your thoughts?