Candy Stripes

Sloane Mews & Mint Green

The other day I failed miserably trying to recreate the look from Bachman's Sparrow's tutorial. Firstly, I made the mistake of not cutting the strips of tape before I started painting. So, I had the fiddly task of trying to cut and stick on bits of tape whilst I had wet nails. Then I found that the consistency of the mint green is a lot thicker than the pink so I ended up with a groove where the tape had been and had to fill in the gaps free hand. I'm tempted to give it another try 'cause if done well, it could look so cute! There must be an easier way...

Another creepy hand picture

Difficulty: 4/5
(unless you have a steady hand!)


  1. I think that it is much easier if you have nail polish with the same consistency, not to thick but opaque.
    I like the color combination it really reminds me of some candy! Like it!

  2. Do you know what you could've done, painted your whole nail the minty green colour, then when it dried, then painted on the pink stripes. I love the colours too, and its not a creepy hand pic honey looool! <<3

  3. @ LaCara - I thought of that but didn't think the lighter colour would show up on top. Maybe if I switched them around...

  4. I like the combination of colors, but I think you could work on accuracy.