New Collections From Simply Be

As some of you may already know, Simply Be have recently released their new collections, Hot Tropic and African Beat. Simply Be carries a range of sizes from 14 - 32 and offers a huge selection of clothing, shoes and accessories to suit everyone's style and taste. Although they don't ship to the US now, they will be in July, so keep an eye out! These are my favourite pieces from the collection:

Which is your favourite? Check out Em's blog, Oh, the Places You'll Go, for a review of some of the pieces! :)

New collections aside, I am in love with this Ruby Rocks jumpsuit. I adore the shape and the slouchy sleeves. Shame I can't afford the pricetag!

For updates and competitions from Simply Be, go visit their blog :)


  1. Love your blog!

    Followed you! Follow me!

    thank you,
    ♥ Paislea

  2. really love the dress with the butterflies on!

  3. oh wow- I'm loving everything here especially the jumpsuit & the maxi dress. Gorgeous! can't afford anything either but hey I was thinking about combining harem pants and a similar slouchy sleeved top to look like a jumpsuit.. work with what you got?

  4. That jumpsuit is awesome, I wish I could work it but i'm too chicken! I love the print on the bird top (dress?) too but I don't like the cut/shape of it.

  5. AAH. I have some amazing bits coming from Simply Be. Some I bought some they gave me for free :D Reviews soon ;) I think you'd ROCK the jumpsuit.

    Devon xx

  6. The liquid leggings look really hot!

  7. Aww - I was down all weekend and took the weekend off from the computer. Thank you so much for the link honey. x. That is really lovely of you.

  8. Charlotte Simply Be1 June 2010 at 10:47

    Thanks so much for the coverage Stephanie! Glad you like the new ranges :)

    Just wanted to say that although the site will be live in July with some pieces from the current collection, the full range will be available online at in August so that will be the best time to shop if you want the biggest choice!

    Char x

  9. The black and gold jumpsuit is hot.