Pants Party at Panache

IMG_9635 ...excuse the title, I did say I was a fan of alliteration! A few weeks ago I was kindly asked to attend a blogging event at the Panache headquarters in Sheffield. Prior to the event I wasn't overly familiar with the brand, aside from the few pieces I'd seen on Simply Yours. Specialising in D plus lingerie, Panache is a family run business dedicated to providing excellent fit & customer satisfaction. The trip to headquarters gave an interesting peek into the creation of the lingerie, including an overview of the the inspiration behind the designs and an insight into the creative process. The attention to detail that goes into each piece is fascinating and the lingerie is beautiful while remaining comfortable and supportive. IMG_9637IMG_9633IMG_9639 As if the pieces didn't look pretty enough on the hangers, gorgeous models were on hand to show them off. The bikini modelled above is a different colour version to the black one photographed below. The black version was easily my favourite piece in the Panache Swim range. Although I wouldn't wear a bikini myself, I loved the structured top, slight print & the stand-out turquoise & silver detailing; perfect on holiday! Another thing to mention with the swimwear is that all of the pieces include under-wiring, overt or concealed, for extra support. IMG_9644IMG_9646 While we were there we were taken for a bra fitting, something I always dread due to my ridiculously large back & small cup. Or so I thought anyway! There were three girls on hand explaining the correct fit of a bra & paying close attention to make sure the bra was on properly & sat right on the chest. I was pleased to be told that my back band was actually a lot smaller, although not so pleased to find that my cup size had increased dramatically! Since being fitted I've bought a couple of new bras, excited to finally be able to try on & buy in store rather than having to order online. I'm so much happier with the feel & fit of my bras & my boobs are finally where they're supposed to be! IMG_9659IMG_9654IMG_9651 Out of the four ranges we were introduced to, the Cleo range was my favourite. The pieces are bright, stylish & playful; focusing on trends while remaining practical for everyday. There was a real passion for making women feel great in fabulous underwear on a day to day basis regardless of who's (or in my case, who isn't) going to see it! I especially loved the attention to detail on the pants, frill trimmed legs & bows? Yes please. IMG_9653IMG_9666

The staff at Panache, including their lovely (& gorgeous!) intern Beth, were perfect hosts; passionate about what they do & incredibly nice to boot! This was definitely one of the best events I've been to with some of the most lust worthy products. I look forward to the release of their upcoming collections, we got a cheeky sneak peek & I can assure you they don't disappoint. Overall, I had an amazing day so huge thanks to Panache & Best British Bloggers for the opportunity!

Who's coming to Plus North this weekend? I look forward to seeing you there!