Jumpin' Jumpin'

Yesterday, what was supposed to be an OOTD 'shoot' turned into a disastuh. My camera was playing up and due to the time the lighting was crap, so in the end we tried to do jumping pictures. Hilarious yet hideous!

I have no idea how people do this successfully!


  1. They probably have to take about 300 pics to get one decent one!

    You have amazing legs, miss!

  2. Aw I love the jumping pics! haha you and your bro are so cute! :D

    Also, LOVING that outfit! I'm a sucker for blazers always and that skirt is really flirty and adorable! :)

  3. LOL I love it! You and your bro are too cute....love the outfit my dear :)

  4. Cute lipstick, can only see the second pic. somethings wrong with my comp. or blogger. anyway, can't wait to see more of the pictures!! :D...when it starts working again.

  5. Love that dress! You look adorable! <3

  6. Best outfit images ever! I love jumping pictures, too cute!

    xoxo Maria

  7. HAHAHA :D GIRL, you just made me laugh soooo freakin hard! the picture where you put the smiley over your face! :D SHOW THE ORIGINAL! hahaha love these pictures!

  8. oh god I suck at jumping pics, the fact that I smoke doesn't help either. 4 attempts and I'm out. Love the outfit, where's the blazer from??

  9. @ Bethamint - Probably! I could do with that setting that takes several photos a minute! Thanks bb :)

    @ CurvyGirlChic - Haha thank you! I love that skirt, although I was mocked for wanting to be a ballerina!

    @ LaCara - Thank you lovely! :)

    @ Jennifer - lmao oh dear! It wasn't working for me earlier either...so stressful.

    @ Jen - Thanks bb! :)

    @ Maria - I will perfect them some day! Thank you muchly :)

    @ Lodi - lmao! Never, it's beyond horrific! D: Imagine a pug on a rollercoaster and you get the same effect ;)

    @ Weesha - Cheat and use a trampoline? ;) It's from New Look, I saw it and had to have it!

  10. The color of that lipstick is so amazing on you! Love it!

    Also, I passed on the Sunshine Award to you!



  11. Awww the jumping pictures are cute! I have a hard time doing them too! Your outfit is cute, i really like your skirt! :)

  12. I LOVE the jumping photos. xxx.
    They are always so fun.

    I have passed on a blog award to you too at http://boombands.blogspot.com

  13. ha ha I love this post! You are very real. The jumping shot is fabulous with you and your brother. It just makes me smile. How do people do that successfully? Great post nonetheless.

  14. hehehe! i love ure poses my dear! jumping poses are the best!!! tiring though ... hehehe LOL.

  15. @ Allison - Thank you so much lovely! :)

    @ Nina - Thank you! I may have to grab one in pink because I love it so.

    @ Cid Style File - Bargain of the month I think, I've had so many people ask where they're from!

    @ Em. x. - Thanks. Yes, I'll definitely be doing more in the future, too funny not to.

    @ its simple love - Thank you! I have no idea but I will perfect it one day!

    @ BBM - Yep! It doesn't help that, I was laughing so much I couldn't breathe anyway!

  16. ton chien est trop mignonnnnnnnnn !