First Time At Lush (Review)

I'm a Body Shop fanatic and rarely have the time, or the patience, for baths. So, it's no big surprise that I've never been a fan of Lush. I've been dragged in a couple of times by friends and the smell and the overwhelming staff have never really done it for me. Anyway, unless you've been living under an internet rock, you'll have noticed that every blogger and vlogger out there seems to be raving about Lush. For the longest time I stayed on my hating high horse but after reading/listening to all the immense admiration, I caved and bought the cheapest/cutest thing I could find.

First of all I went around sniffing everything I had heard smelt amazing and probably looking like a loon in the process. I have to say, I wasn't impressed. In comparison to the Body Shop body butters for example, nothing smelt overwhelmingly good. Yeah, they smelt 'nice' but not good enough to warrant ridiculous prices for what is essentially soap.

Moving on to the little guy I got, he made my room smell amazing and turned the bath water blue and that's about it. I guess my skin felt softer afterwards but not noticeably and it didn't exactly make my bath smell amazing either. Maybe I'm expecting miracles but as of now I'm unimpressed! I'll be fair though and give their products another shot.

How do you rate Lush and what's your favourite product that I should try?


  1. I remember I went to Lush AGES ago the first time I was in London (it wasn't available widely in the US yet) and bought a TON of stuff--I ended up being so disappointed! Totally agree with you about it not doing too much and being ridiculously overpriced! The Body Shop isn't much cheaper but at least the smells make me want to eat everything! lol

    Nice review babe! :)

  2. I love lush i cant believe your not too keen ! I keep my bath bombs in my undie draw!

  3. I am a Lush whore. I hate showering, I always bathe. I usually use their bath bombs when I want to chill out, but lately their "luxury bath melt" called Ceridwyn's(sp?) Cauldron has captivated me. I love it so much <3 I own their fair trade foot cream which is a GOD SEND for my feet - being a student nurse they don't get as much love as they should and take a fair beating. I totally recommend the foot cream, it smells minty and is wonderful for hard/dry skin.
    I also own a tea tree skin gel which is good for zapping spots.
    Their Mask of Magnaminty face mask, if they still do it, is lovely, green, minty and leaves facial skin soooooo soft.
    I also have (you're regretting asking for Lush advice now,) a face scrub called Ocean Salt. It's got lots of real salt in and tastes like.. Well - salt if you accidentally get it in your mouth, and some people say it's a bit too abrasive, but I love it. I get greasy skin and usually have at least one spot so it totally refreshes my face. It's got lime, coconut and some kind of vodka-like stuff in it. It's immense. My skin is sensitive but it doesn't dry it out or anything.
    I have Lemony Flutter cuticle butter, it's amazing for nails and cuticles - again this is the student nurse in me coming out, but my hands NEED to be soft, and constant washing and using horrible alcohol gel to disinfect my hands leaves them dry and prone to cracking in some places. It's a god send.
    One more thing before I stop.. A lemon facial treatment called Lemslip, I use it after I use the scrub. It mattifies my skin and dries up any extra oil, leaving it extra-extra-smoooooth for days.
    You know what? I'll shut up now, I could go on! I should have just put that as a post on my own blog :P xx


  4. I LOVE Lush. I actually just did a giveaway on my blog for it. I don't use their stuff for the smell, but for the effects on my skin. I use their facial products, the body scrubs, and massage bars. I always think the Body Shop is more for the aesthetic of body care, where as Lush actually cares for it. It's probably not for anyone, but I know I love their products. I'd recommend Buffy the Body Slayer for an all over body scrubber.

    P.S. I really like your style.


  5. I bought a home made shampoo one at Lush and will never ever do it again!
    It's expensive and my hair didn't like it! A friend of mine makes better cosmetics in her kitchen!!

  6. I am with you - I am totally a Body Shop babe and rarely ever even think to venture into Lush... at least I can safely say that someone else who tried both liked the Body Shop more too!

  7. @ CurvyGirlChic - Oh, that's such a disappointment! I agree about The Body Shop not being much better price wise, but I always wait for sales/offers or use my Nana's clubcard thing haha!

    @ MatronJo - That's not a bad idea, I just put the bag on a shelf and he made my room smell nice so why not have nice smelling undies? lmao

    @ Fatnurse - No regret! A lot of useful information ;) I'm tempted to try the foot cream as summer is looming and my feet aren't ready! I also have sensitive skin but I have the opposite problem, it's quite dry. Your raving has got me wanting to have a whip round and see what products I can fall in love with!

    @ AmeliaPontes - Thank you! I must admit I'm not a big fan of The Body Shop items which are supposed to do things (such as exfoliators), I just love their 'basics', creams, make up brushes, wipes etc. At some point I'm definitely going to pick up a Buffy bar, definitely the kind of thing I like. In future I think I'm going to try things I would use anyway rather than things which wouldn't appeal to me anyway! :D

    @ Les Pitreries de Vanoue - Haha! That's not a bad idea, especially as they use natural ingredients ;) maybe I'll mix up my own concoctions!

    @ Em - For now I'm firmly on the Body Shop side but time will tell if I can be converted!

  8. I was disappointed with Lush,I brought this soap called I should coco and it wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be. With Lush in my opinion everything sounds better on paper than in reality. I think its abit over priced, and slightly over rated.

  9. Stephanie, how about going on ebay and searching for "lush samples" they'll sell little tiny bags of samples and you can see before you spend £12 on a tub of moisturiser.
    I have to say though, the tubs last longer than cheaper ones imo, my feet have the dry skin problem (walkiiiiing) and are also SO not ready for this awesome pair of gladiator sandals that I bought - if you were near me I'd say we should have a Lush party :P They do loads for dry skin, talk to their staff and they'll probs let you try some out in store if you're a little reluctant.

    Devon/Fat Nurse xx

  10. I feel exactly the same way about Lush. Normally I put my faith in the Body Shop all the time and they never disappoint me but when a Lush opened where I live I thought I might give it a try. I bought one of the body butter bars and even before it was over I found myself going and buying a new jar of my staple Hemp body butter from the Body Shop. Nevar again!