OOTD: Weather Inappropriate

I can't believe I have over 100 followers! Especially as I've been slacking recently. Thank you guys so much for following, you have no idea how much I appreciate it :D

This past week has been filled with sunshine and clear blue skies but whilst everyone else has been moaning about how cold it is, I grabbed some sunglasses and decided to celebrate! My denim jacket has swiftly become my favourite item of clothing and I'm sure it'll be worn to death over the summer.

Jacket: H&M BiB
Cami: ASOS Curve
Skirt: Tesco
Shoes: Peacocks
Sunglasses: Primark
Flower Pin/Clip: Peacocks


  1. You look gorgeous and very summery, but how on earth are you coping with bare legs this early?! I would be a frozen Loulipop in that outfit!

  2. well hello there hotness! Looking fab, you've got great legs honey!

  3. You look great! the shoes are so nice, like that the're white, goes really nice with your skin tone.
    Oh man, you don't even have snow on the ground, I'm so jealous! :P we have lots of snow left. Boo... I wanna dress all summery too.

  4. "weather inappropriate" your title made me laugh to hard! :D

    you look stunning! love your new denim jacket! :D

  5. I want some sun ..arent u freezing chicken ? but yeah u for wearing a skirt as u have killer legs ...and your making me want a denim jacket ! dam u !

  6. HAWTNESS!! yesssss your pictures make me very happy! That means spring is on its way! I snagged a denim jacket from a friends closet...umm she may not get it back cause I love it so much! lol Before she gave it to me, I tried to warn her that she may not get it back cause 1, denim is hot right now, and 2, cause i've been needing one for a while now! lol

  7. @ Loulou - Aww thank you! :) Haha well I got pretty cold later on, I think it must be mind over matter, I was too excited by the sunshine to care, even though I could see my breath!

    @ Weesha - Haha thanks bb!

    @ Jennifer - Urgh! Snow is far too depressing and I don't like how gritters keep going past... at this rate I'll be packing up my wardrobe and dragging out wellies! Here's to hoping the sun stays and you get sun :D

    @ Lodi - lmao I'm usually inappropriate! My bad... Thanks girly!

    @ Jo - A little bit, it's cold enough to see my breath! That's when some flab comes in handy lmao, keeping me a little bit warmer ;) I'll be a shopping enabler and say grab one ;D

    @ Nik - lmao! Well you did give prior warning ;) maybe she'll forget and if she doesn't distraction is key!

  8. I looooove this! You look gorgeous! I am lovin the floral skirt and that flower is just awesome! I still wear them too! :)

  9. Love this outfit! You have amazing legs! x x