Quick Update!

Hey all! :) I hope this works as i'm using my phone. I apologise for the lack of posts. We're changing Internet provider and even though it went off on Thursday, it won't be on until Wednesday! How stressful... Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend, I'm excited to get back to posting and reading as soon as :D

This and That

I started this blog as a place to showcase my style in order to develop and improve it and yet it's been so long since I've done an outfit post! Even though the weather is still awful, I'll suck it up and try and dress like less of a bundled up heap and more like a normal person in order to do one ;D

I've been buying bits and bobs recently in an attempt to fill out my wardrobe and I've just ordered a couple of basics from ASOS as well, so I'll tell you how that goes. So far apart from the blazer (which I adore but realistically can't afford) nothing from the range has really grabbed me as something I really want; so, I'm saving the splurge in the hopes that more exciting things (like a playsuit or dungarees!?) are coming in stock. I've heard nothing but good things though so I'm hoping they fit well and do the job!

Whilst tagging along to do the weekly shop I picked up a few things in Tesco too:

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and here's to hoping it's a good week.

Sport Relief

Having spent the weekend at my Nana's, it's been filled with food and trash TV. One of the shows I happened to have been coerced into watching was Let's Dance For Sport Relief. Returning from last year, the series is about celebrities competing in a comedy dance competition in order to raise money for Sports Relief. Two acts from each show go through to the final, one with the highest public vote and a celebrity judge panel decides on the other finalist from the other 2 groups with the highest votes. Last night comedians Rufus Hound and Katy Brand got through to the final, deservingly as they were amazing! I think Katy looked fab in her Beyonce get up and Rufus' Cheryl imitation was beyond hilarious! Watch them here:

Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery

Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery asked me to inform you of their London Fashion Week promotion. They'll be blogging behind the scenes on catwalk trends and high street alternatives.

Plus as part of their promotion, today they have 20% off when entering 'EELFW' at the checkout. Take a look, as they have some really cute stuff!

Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery

Retail Therapy

First off, I can't believe I have over 70 followers! That's insane. When I set up this blog, I seriously set myself a goal of 20 followers by the end of 2010! So, thank you so much for following! ♥

I finally managed to get out for a day of retail therapy, I had a set list in mind of what to buy and ended up coming home without anything on my list! Anyone else do this?! Although, after trying several things on, my 'to buy' list has reduced considerably. I'm still on the hunt for some worker man boots though, it will happen! Anyway, after spending half of the day in different New Looks I eventually managed to decide on a few tops:

They look quite weird on the hangers but I promise they look cute on!

aaand a lazy outfit of the day, the weather is blurgh today and I dressed with changing rooms in mind!

Something to remind you...

The gorgeous Monique from Curves and Chaos created this lovely reminder of 10 things to love about you! I strongly suggest referencing it those days when you lose sight of what's important. After all, there's only one you, so you may as well be the best you, you can be! :)

Brit Awards

For the first time in a long time I decided to watch the Brit Awards, I must admit I don't remember it being such a drunken disaster but I'm told it's like that every year, haha. I didn't really know what was going on half the time and the constant circulation of the same people, Geri Halliwell!?, was confusing but it was relatively amusing nonetheless. Some did manage to look better than others though...

Smashed it

Maybe next time

Honourable Mention:

Lady Gaga walked away with 3 Brits and I actually love this crazy contraption she's wearing!

Did anyone else watch the Brits?

Label Lust

I realise these aren't to everyone's taste and my friends think they're gross but I am in love with these Burberry shoes! The website only has my size left as well, but for £525? It's just not meant to be.

Finding Your Personal Style: Take Two

From the comments in the previous post regarding personal style, the general consensus seems to be that style doesn't have to be consistent and can change at will. Which is great as my style seems to be all over the joint these days! On the other hand though, there still seems to be the problem of buying clothes. It's all well and good buying things that you like but if they go with nothing else in your wardrobe, their wear is rather limited.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe has been floating around for a while and Gok Wan had a show entitled 'Gok's Fashion Fix' which focused on creating the perfect personalised capsule wardrobe. Taken from Telegraph online the concept is: "a collection of clothes that work well together, but can be worn in different ways to service multiple occasions. It really takes the pain out of deciding what to wear."

Most lists seem to include a cashmere jumper and a classic trench both of which I probably won't be wearing or owning any time soon! Not that there's anything wrong with either and owning a Burberry trench would be fab, but I'm trying to be realistic for once. I like the idea of having a personalised capsule wardrobe which includes a number of basic items that are interchangeable as it'd make those wardrobe malfunctions fewer and far between! So I'm thinking that I'm going to attempt to build a basic wardrobe, with decent quality, good fitting pieces as a sort of base for my style.

Anyway enough of my nonsensical rambling, what I want to know is what you'd have in a capsule wardrobe?

Look: Floral

At the moment I am loving the floral trend! With a lack of sunshine in my life, there's nothing like colourful prints to inject a bit of life into a drab winter wardrobe. Depending on the print and the colour, I think florals can look good on anybody regardless of age or size. Like most stores Evans has some gorgeous floral pieces in this spring!


Jumper & Trousers: New Look, Shoes, Earrings & Cuff: Topshop, Nail Polish: ASOS


Dress: eShakti, Shoes & Tights: Miss Selfridge, Earrings: Topshop, Bracelet: Cath Kidston

Top: New Look, Cycle Shorts: Littlewoods, Jacket: Faith 21, Boots: Dr. Martens, Hat: Topshop, Watch: ASOS, Corsage: Evans


Jumpsuit: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: New Look, Nail Polish: Barry M, Necklace & Ring: Evans

1969 - 2010

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen.
Such an amazing and inspiring designer,
My heart goes out to his friends and family.

First Blog Award!

I recently received my first blog award from the lovely LuAnne of Weesha's World! :D Which is amazing as it's nice to know that people like my blog. It's slightly ridiculous how excited I get by receiving comments and new followers. Even my mother has been sucked into it, she's constantly asking if anyone's commented and if I'm doing a new post lmao! So thank you so much for following me and participating in this blog and hi to my new followers! :)

Now onto passing it on, the rules are that if you're tagged you have to pass it on to 6 other bloggers. I follow almost 200 blogs and that number increases everyday so narrowing it down to six of some of the more recent blogs I'm following is hard! It helps that LuAnne and NikStar picked some as it narrowed it down ;)

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If you haven't already, go check them out! :)

Simply Yours: From Brief To Bra Competition!

Recently I was contacted by the plus size lingerie company, Simply Yours to inform you of their underwear design competition! The idea is to design an underwear set that you you would like to wear and the winner's set will be created for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Taken from the Brief to Bra Facebook page: The Simply Yours ethos is simple – we want our customers to feel beautiful and stylish and above all confident. Here at the Simply Yours curve-loving headquarters we have decided its time to give all the aspiring designers out there a chance to impress us and join the likes of Wonderbra, Freya and Gok Wan in our Spring/Summer 2011 catalogue by designing your own lingerie set.

Whether it’s a racy red plunge bra with matching briefs, a slimming, figure hugging slip or a delicate floral balcony bra and shorts, well designed and good fitting lingerie has the power to make you feel like you have the va va voom factor. It has to complement your figure, feel comfortable and look fantastic but most importantly it must make you feel great.

We’re on the hunt for a bra and brief set designed by you – the customer, the fashionista, the lingerie lover or the fashion student. If you think you have the passion and creativity that is required to create a lingerie set which our curvy customers will love then our design competition is just the thing for you.

For rules on how to enter go here: From Brief to Bra competition

To check out some of the entries go here: From Brief to Bra competition

To check out their current collection go here: Simply Yours

If you decide to enter BE QUICK, as the competitions ends Sunday 14th! Good luck to all of the entrants and if you decide to enter or have already done so, I'd love to see your design! :)

Finding Your Personal Style

I decided I was well enough to go to college yesterday (I only have one lesson that ends at 10:30am) and the prospect of spending the rest of the day shopping was too good to miss! 10 minutes in and my headache was back along with hot flushes and nausea. Needless to say after going into two shops the shopping venture was cut short. I did manage to pick up a few bits though:

All bought due to how cheap they were, the shoes were £3 each and the necklace and ring were £1, but as soon as I got home and looked at them I was wondering what the hell I'd bought, which seems to be a frequent problem of mine! Due to my college being in the biggest town in my area, I spend the majority of the week browsing the shops and if I'm not in shops, I'm usually browsing online. Which makes it even more frustrating that when it comes to actually shopping, I fail miserably! As my personal style is none existent and I generally just throw things together depending on if I like it or not, I end up buying anything that is cheap or fits and which ends up rarely going with anything else in my wardrobe.

So, browsing the internet for inspiration, I've decided to try and pull together my own personal style. One of the first steps seems to be creating an image board of clothes, accessories, make-up and styles you admire in order to create a visual of what you're hoping to achieve. So I grabbed some tools to get me started! ;D

I'm curious to know if you have your own personal style? If so, what do you base it off and what process do you use to buy clothes? If not, how do you decide what to wear and what do you think when is most important when it comes to buying clothes? I'd love to know!

Valentine's Offers

Whether you're single or loved up this Valentine's day, there's never a time when you shouldn't treat yourself!

Check out Torrid's Annual Lingerie Sale for up to 50% off lingerie.

Evans currently has 20% off lingerie

Dorothy Perkins is offering 15% off orders over £50 with the code 'DPVAL15'

and until the 28th February you can still get 20% off at ASOS with the code 'ASOSINSTYLE'

Happy Shopping! ;D

OOTD: Rain, Rain Go Away

I apologise for the lack of posts! I've been ill these past few days and being on the computer was giving me a migraine. I have been trying to keep up with blogs on my iPhone though. On the other hand, being ill does have its perks as I've managed to watched the whole season of Glee and I love it! Amongst other members of the cast I think Amber Riley is one of my new favourite people, I love her character Mercedes and her tweets are usually tres amusing, not to mention she's gorgeous. As the weather here is still horrifically freezing, and keeps alternating between rain and snow, I've been looking a hot mess! (as you can see) ;) Hopefully by next week I'll be looking less disastrous.

I hope everyone's having a good weekend :)

Your Opinion: Fat Terminology

From reading various blogs and communities regarding fat fashion and what not, I've noticed that terminology regarding being fat differs and what is offensive to some isn't to others. I've seen terms such as fat, curvy, plus sized, death fat, chunky, plump, rotund and fluffy used when referring to ones body and I'm curious to know what you think about using such terms to describe yourself.

Personally, I'm indifferent to the majority of these terms. Whilst I won't be calling myself 'fluffy' or 'death fat' any time soon, I've finally come to accept that referring to myself as fat isn't necessarily a bad thing. Although I would still be annoyed to be called fat if the sole intention is to insult.

So, what do you think about the different terms? Which one do you prefer? Do you think that there should be a differentiation between fat and the supposed 'norm'? How do you feel about taking words which have been used to insult and making them descriptive? I'd love to read your views!