Finding Your Personal Style: Take Two

From the comments in the previous post regarding personal style, the general consensus seems to be that style doesn't have to be consistent and can change at will. Which is great as my style seems to be all over the joint these days! On the other hand though, there still seems to be the problem of buying clothes. It's all well and good buying things that you like but if they go with nothing else in your wardrobe, their wear is rather limited.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe has been floating around for a while and Gok Wan had a show entitled 'Gok's Fashion Fix' which focused on creating the perfect personalised capsule wardrobe. Taken from Telegraph online the concept is: "a collection of clothes that work well together, but can be worn in different ways to service multiple occasions. It really takes the pain out of deciding what to wear."

Most lists seem to include a cashmere jumper and a classic trench both of which I probably won't be wearing or owning any time soon! Not that there's anything wrong with either and owning a Burberry trench would be fab, but I'm trying to be realistic for once. I like the idea of having a personalised capsule wardrobe which includes a number of basic items that are interchangeable as it'd make those wardrobe malfunctions fewer and far between! So I'm thinking that I'm going to attempt to build a basic wardrobe, with decent quality, good fitting pieces as a sort of base for my style.

Anyway enough of my nonsensical rambling, what I want to know is what you'd have in a capsule wardrobe?


  1. Hi, it's been a while. Hope all is well.

  2. Heyy :) yeah all is good, I have symptoms of tennis elbow though (not that I play tennis...) so too much computer time is a no go! :/ I'm trying to keep up with blogs on my phone though. Hope you're all good and had a lovely Valentine's Day :)