Finding Your Personal Style

I decided I was well enough to go to college yesterday (I only have one lesson that ends at 10:30am) and the prospect of spending the rest of the day shopping was too good to miss! 10 minutes in and my headache was back along with hot flushes and nausea. Needless to say after going into two shops the shopping venture was cut short. I did manage to pick up a few bits though:

All bought due to how cheap they were, the shoes were £3 each and the necklace and ring were £1, but as soon as I got home and looked at them I was wondering what the hell I'd bought, which seems to be a frequent problem of mine! Due to my college being in the biggest town in my area, I spend the majority of the week browsing the shops and if I'm not in shops, I'm usually browsing online. Which makes it even more frustrating that when it comes to actually shopping, I fail miserably! As my personal style is none existent and I generally just throw things together depending on if I like it or not, I end up buying anything that is cheap or fits and which ends up rarely going with anything else in my wardrobe.

So, browsing the internet for inspiration, I've decided to try and pull together my own personal style. One of the first steps seems to be creating an image board of clothes, accessories, make-up and styles you admire in order to create a visual of what you're hoping to achieve. So I grabbed some tools to get me started! ;D

I'm curious to know if you have your own personal style? If so, what do you base it off and what process do you use to buy clothes? If not, how do you decide what to wear and what do you think when is most important when it comes to buying clothes? I'd love to know!


  1. I'm in a junior in college and I just recently started developing my own personal style. Before I considered style to be tee shirts and jeans. And I still do find tee shirts and jeans fairly stylish, I just changed the game a bit. Instead of wearing shirts with school logos and club names, I switched to graphic tees, form fitting, lacy, girlie, frilly, tops and more flattering jeans. So my best advice for developing a personal style would be to take what you wear and add a bit a spice.

    Also, find a style inspiration or a style role model. I did this by finding other people would dressed how I wanted to dress and we're accomplishing with their clothing what I wanted to accomplish. I found a lot of inspiration in blogs, youtube, and magazine. Once, you find those people developed a journal and write down outfits idea and concepts. Things you want to add to your wardrobe and as time progresses you will eventually have the things that you want.

  2. I love the shoes! I would have totally snagged those myself. I saw a flower necklace by Kate Spade that is similar to your bow necklace. Plastic with a gold chain, I wanted it. Thank goodness I didn't have the money. My roomie said he'd punch me if I dare thought about actually purchasing it. LOL

    My style, hmm, I tend to be quite preppy. I'm not as flashy as I used to be when I was younger. I do like to be subtle and sexy when I am out on the town...that includes sheer, lace, heels, all that good stuff. But my every day look, yeah, I guess some would find it boring? I still love the bright 80s funky stuff, I love rocker chic w/all black and studs, I love pinup clothing. Gosh, I'm a mess. Perhaps I don't know how to describe my personal style? I like what I like and feel comfortable in. *shrugs* guess I'm no help for you! lol

  3. I love that butterfly ring! I'm still in the process of finding my style. I don't wear make-up so I can't rely on that to define my style and I don't really like too many accessories though, so in a way I have my style set as "simple." However, it would be nice to have a unique style where someone could see something and think "Oh that's so Devon :D"

  4. When I go out, i try to look as foxy and stunning as possible! haha
    But I need make-up for the complete look.
    But I for one try to rock all kinda styles... I don't want people to say "oh typical lodi".

    I just want them to say: "hey, sexy girl, you look hella fine", even if it's actually a cute outfit. That's also what I have in mind when it comes to buying clothes "SEXY SEXY SEEEXY" :P

    In the fitting room I think about when to wear and how to combine the clothes. But if I like things a lot, but have nothing to wear to, I'd still buy it! So what... it's time will come... :P

  5. I love those flats and that's a great deal! And the necklace reminds me of Hello Kitty, which I LOVE :)

  6. "What the heck did I buy?" is usually the first words that come out of my mouth too! LOL. I am a bargain shopper and if it fits, and it's on sale and I like it in the store... it's coming home with me!!! Haha, cute purchases though. Hope you feel better!

  7. I don't have a "style" that I conform to. I love just getting an item that will be the center piece of my outfit. I work around that one item. The easiest item would be a blazer or cardigan that stands out in color or print. I think you should always go with your gut feeling...who cares if you're punk one day and girlie the next. We're women...we change our minds A LOT! LOL!


  8. I love that butterfly ring!

    Hm, well, I don't think I can really paste a label on the clothes I wear, though "laidback" comes to mind :-) I usually browsed around the shops after lectures at uni and explored the whole store - I think I once spent nearly an hour in New Look just looking and dreaming up outfits lol!

    To me, what's important when buying clothes is that it fits me well. I do like buying staple pieces in different forms (I have a ridiculous amount of white shirts..) and I do like buying random, crazy pieces that turn into wardrobe staples.

    Shopping is an adventure for me - I never know what I'll find. But if I have a specific item in mind, I'd go straight to ye old faithful eBay :-)


  9. I think if kind of got my own style but sometimes It is not so easy to ...transform what I would like to wear into plus size. I just love this kind of trashy-punkrock-rockabella-retro styke. With bold statements ^^ But sometimes I just don't feel like this, the last week if often went in almost totaly black and grey. (Maybe its the weather) So don't be afraid of be a bit flexible when it comes to your style. You can be whatever you like and feel right at the moment you stand infront of you closet.
    I looooove the pink bow necklace, I would have bougth it, too. Aswell the pink flats.

  10. hmmmmm, My style is random haha depends how I feel really, I probably don't have a specific type of style. I don't really follow the trends, I do like yourself sometimes fall into the bargain buying then get home and think why oh why?
    I guess what the stores currently stock has a huge influence on what I buy but I also end up on ebay now and again.

    So please do tell me on your hairband disaster?! The one I posted on my blog I love but I dunno maybe I have a small head because it slides back alot haha.