My Week In Photos 004

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L-R from top: Jessie J Jubilee/First tattoo!/Fish bowls/Fire & cocktails/Fittie central/Queenie celebrating/30 Day Shred/Nando's/Mirror whores/Bouncy castle 2/Carrot cake/Meeting the Royals/Jubilee fiesta

I should probably make more of an effort to take pictures but I usually get too caught up in the moment.
This week has been amazing, I think I could sleep for days!
How was your week?

Sunday Summary 024

IMG_9688 Has it really been six months since I last did one of these? Lawd. I do miss rambling on though, so they're coming back. Unfortunately I was out all day & didn't get chance to get a picture of my lovely mug, so here's a photo of some jubilee themed children instead.

I spent the day (& most of the evening) drinking tea & Pimms at a street party in honour of her majesty. It was freezing & at one point raining but like the true Brits we are, we soldiered through! There was a BBQ & a bouncy castle & the best part is, I get to do it all again at another one tomorrow.

I travelled down to Sheffield on Friday for an event & got to meet up with Rosie for the first time in forever. The event was fabulous & it was amazayn to catch up with Rosie! We may have taken advantage (I say we, mostly Rosie ;) of the royal masks & jubilee themed cupcakes but more on that later...

I am so happy to announce that my shopping ban finally ended on Friday! I'm going to do a post explaining how torturous it was but suffice to say, I have learnt nothing & saved nothing; it was just bleak.

I've just started the True Blood series, (television & books) and so far I am not impressed; to me it's basically Twilight but if possible Sookie is even more vacuous than Bella. What're your thoughts, are you a fan of True Blood?

Did you do anything for the jubilee?

My Week In Photos 003

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Clockwise from top: Drunken times/Simply Be/School run/Welcome to Sheffield/Train journey/Jessica Ennis, who? Haha!/Panache Event/wiwt/Jubilee tote/Rosie <3/Ear cuffs/Making soup/UV/Beat the rush/Patriotic nails

Hi lovelies,
How was your week?