February Snapshot

Considering it's the shortest month, February seems to have dragged on.

It may have taken me twenty years but I'm finally putting the effort in and attempting to make start on who I want to be. There's still a long way to go and I've no doubt I'll make mistakes along the way but as the saying goes, 'The only people who fail are those who don't try'. So fingers crossed, I may have missed two months but there's still time for 2011 to be my year!

Listening to: Pink, Ke$ha, The Naked & Famous, Professor Green, Never Shout Never, Adele & Eminem

Reading: Tell Me No Secrets - Julie Corbin

Watching: Skins, Hotter Than My Daughter, The Biggest Loser, I Used To Be Fat, Summer Heights High, Miranda, Michael Mcintyre Russell Howard & Gossip Girl - so in love with the Dan/Blair storyline

Buying: Food, it's all I can afford to be buying :')

Wanting: to make some progress

Trying: different hairstyles

Loving: going to the gym

Planning: how I'm going to spend my summer! Too early? Probably...

Making: Fajitas mmm I have a new love of peppers

Writing: out application forms

Inspired by: other bloggers. I feel so humbled to be part of the blogosphere and to those of you who are brave enough to express your emotions, display your imperfections and stand up for what's right, you are amazing and truly inspirational.

How did February shape up for you?

Sunday Summary 004


I applied for a couple of jobs for the first time ever this week. Considering the current job situation and my absolute lack of experience, I don't hold much hope but I figure the fact that I worked up the courage to finally put myself out there is an achievement nonetheless.

I lost 4lb after my first week of Weight Watchers, not as much as I'd hoped but considering my drinking binge on the Saturday & my excessive eating of granola, I suppose something is better than nothing! Here's to hoping this week goes better...

Although, speaking of excessive amounts of food, I went home this weekend and may have gone a little bit crazy... As much as I love going home & seeing my family, I'm not so sure being at home is good for me. I think the lack of any real responsibility there encourages my lacklustre attitude towards life.

The brief bouts of sun this week have me ridiculously excited for the summer. BBQs, cocktails, the park, the beach, Leeds Festival, France, summer dresses, sunglasses, ice cream... bring it on!

I'm on a self imposed shopping ban until I shift some of these pounds and it is hard! Must resist all of the pretty summer clothes...

5 to read: one two three four five

What're you looking forward to this week?

Do My Jeans Review


Do My Jeans is an online store specialising in custom made jeans for both men and women. Although they do standardised sizes their main focus is on the design and creation of made to measure jeans. The process includes choosing the style, wash and cut of your jeans, as well as details such as buttons and pockets. When it comes to adding your measurements, waist, hip, thigh, knee, calf and inside leg are taken into account.

IMG_1435 editIMG_1366 edit

I have a 36in in seam so finding jeans that fit is a nightmare! Naturally, I jumped at the chance to be able to create and customise a pair of jeans and chose a high waisted, slim leg style with a light wash. The jeans promptly arrived and there were no custom fees, bonus! Firstly, I love the thoroughness and attention to detail when creating the jeans, everything from pocket style to belt loops is taken into account and the various measurements taken should equal a perfect fit. Unfortunately, the jeans I received are huge. As the measurements put in seem to match the measurements on the jeans, I can only conclude that either I miraculously shrank or that customising jeans online is easier said than done. It's devastating that the jeans don't fit as the quality of them is exceptional.

Do My Jeans

Sunday Summary 003


This week has been pretty productive in terms of health. I joined Weight Watches on Wednesday & have been to the gym twice since! I'm just hoping my alcohol binge last night isn't enough to jeopardise any weight loss...

In regards to the gym, I was pretty surprised by my level of fitness. Although I'm not fit by any means, considering that, aside from the odd fitness DVD, I haven't done any proper exercise since I left school, not passing out from exertion is a pretty good sign ;)

Yesterday, I went for a bra fitting at Bravissimo. Rather than use a tape measure, they go by the size of the bra that you're wearing. Although Bravissimo don't make my bra size (giant back, small cup!) it was worth the trip and gave me a good indication of what size and style of bra I should be wearing.

My future housemates and I signed for our house this week. So excited about moving in with them as things in my flat aren't that great and I'm sick of hiding out in my room to avoid the awkwardness.

I went to the cinema for the first time in forever this week to see The Kings Speech. Loved it! HBIC Helena Bonham Carter was amazing as ever. Any recommendations of films to see? I really want to watch Black Swan after hearing all of the amazing reviews.

5 to read: one two three four five

How was your week?

Plus London

Hey lovelies, long time no post. I hope everything is good with you! :)

First off, haii to my new followers & a huge thank you to Jennie for featuring me. It means so much that you want to follow my little blog, even though I haven't updated in what feels like years!

Now onto the long overdue post! I've been stupidly putting off this post as I really dislike what I looked like I don't know what I was thinking with the outfit & I'm clearly in desperate need of a haircut, good lord! but my ridiculous 'issues' aside, it really was a wonderful day & I just hope we can do it again sometime!

I won't bore everyone with the details as I'm sure most of you know what went down by now. (If not, check out the ~official Tumblr!). Sophie, Aine & I went down to London at a ridiculously early hour on the Saturday morning & after much needed primping, we headed off to the Evans Marble Arch store. I was so nervous but as soon as we got there, I got to meet a few of my favourite blogger ladies Morgaine, Naomi & Amy, who had the misfortune of being mistaken as me!

After a little shopping trip and a disastrous, yet hilarious, lunch in The Slug & Lettuce, we rushed back to get ready for the evening event. Unsurprisingly, we got lost & ended up being late! After harassing the locals & dodging some creepy drunk men, we found the gallery & were greeted at the door with champers & a goodie bag, fabulous! It was so lovely getting to meet so many bloggers in such a charming environment. Not to mention the abundance of clothes and cake! What more do you need?

Courtesy of Kirsty.

More pictures here.

A huge thank you to Lauren for organising it & thank you to all of the brands who helped make the event happen!:
Simpy Be
Yours Clothing
Plus Size Tall
Anna Scholz
ASOS Curve
H&M Inclusive
Bijou Bijoux
Domino Dollhouse

January Snapshot

Aside from the little trip to London, January was as dull as expected! Being at home was great though & I'm not impressed to be back at uni. Oh how times have changed! We're starting house hunting tomorrow which should be interesting to say the least... ;)

Hopefully February will be more exciting, roll on Plus London! :D

Listening to: Adele, Mumford And Sons, Ke$ha, Rihanna & Taking Back Sunday ♥

Reading: Room - Emma Donoghue & my usual myriad of magazines

Watching: Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Hotter Than My Daughter, The Biggest Loser, I Used To Be Fat, Summer Heights High, Kevin Bridges, Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Inception, Superbad & Easy A - binging on shows & films!

Buying: clothes & books!

Wanting: spring to hurry up & arrive!

Trying: curling my hair :)

Loving: being at home ♥

Planning: or trying to plan an outfit for Plus London, eep!

Making: nothing exciting!

Writing: out some of my ~issues, weirdly therapeutic.

Inspired by: I Used To Be Fat, their transformations are insane.


How did January shape up for you?