Sunday Summary 004


I applied for a couple of jobs for the first time ever this week. Considering the current job situation and my absolute lack of experience, I don't hold much hope but I figure the fact that I worked up the courage to finally put myself out there is an achievement nonetheless.

I lost 4lb after my first week of Weight Watchers, not as much as I'd hoped but considering my drinking binge on the Saturday & my excessive eating of granola, I suppose something is better than nothing! Here's to hoping this week goes better...

Although, speaking of excessive amounts of food, I went home this weekend and may have gone a little bit crazy... As much as I love going home & seeing my family, I'm not so sure being at home is good for me. I think the lack of any real responsibility there encourages my lacklustre attitude towards life.

The brief bouts of sun this week have me ridiculously excited for the summer. BBQs, cocktails, the park, the beach, Leeds Festival, France, summer dresses, sunglasses, ice cream... bring it on!

I'm on a self imposed shopping ban until I shift some of these pounds and it is hard! Must resist all of the pretty summer clothes...

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What're you looking forward to this week?


  1. Was great seeing you this weekend. Good luck with the job apps, most of the staff in the shops know nothing about the clothes and what is new this season. Fingers crossed if you get an interview they will see your knowledge of their clothes. I am looking forward to finding out which school my son has got into this week and Thursday when Unicef have finished interviewing everyone. Have a great week. Oh congratulations on the weight loss x

  2. Hey, great blog.
    Im dieting (slimming world) and job hunting too. yawn.
    I to have imposed a limit to clothing i can buy till i have less pound on my body and more in my purse.
    The highlight of this week will be . . Hopefully getting nice exam results and going to weigh in.
    The glam life or what?!

  3. Well done on your weight loss! I rejoined weightwatchers two weeks ago. You'll get there :)
    Enjoy some yummy fruit!
    Love the blog

  4. Well done losing 4lbs :)

    I always do Weight Watchers, it's the best diet for me! I've been saying i'll go back on it for 2 months now, i really need a kick up the bum haha!

    Good luck with it - keep us bloggers posted!

    I love this blog, one of my favourites which i can really relate to :) xxx

  5. Hey! I'm doing weight watchers too, and please don't worry, 4lb is excellent for one week! I mean, the average is around 2lb per week :) So you're doing well :) Also, I find that after about three weeks, sometimes you feel like you have more energy, if that makes sense? Or maybe it's just me! :) Everyone's got their own journey - I've a long way to go but I feel positive already. I joined in October last year and have lost around a stone, so it does take time, go at your own pace!

    I'm looking forward to summer too. A little fed up of being cold and getting colds off people. Bring on the sunshine! xxx

  6. Yay1 well done on your first week weight loss :) I've been going for 4 weeks and lost 11.5 lbs now but I have weigh in tomorrow and I went mental this weekend and had burger and beers with my friends before giong to a gig and just kept on drinking... oopsie!
    The ww magazine is pretty good for recipe ideas and your local library might have cookbooks too. I find the hardest thing for me is getting bored with the food I eat then I stray away from my points

  7. Good luck with your job hunt Stephanie and congrats on your weightloss! I'm so excited for the summer after seeing all the gorgeous summer clothes in the shops!
    Thanks for linking me too :) xxx

  8. If you're using weight watchers online we should really be-friend each other! I've heard having some buddies on there is encouraging! I think you can find me by going to community then searching for my email:

    anyhow, goodluck! ive been enjoying weight watchers!

  9. Everyone needs to start somewhere with the job hunting! I did college and went to uni (for about a day?!) and found a lovely job i'm really settled in and had no experience for at all! My sister didn't even finish college and earns shed loads now! So don't feel like you won't get anywhere, cos you will :)

    Congrats on the weight loss too! It feels really good when you start buying clothes a size smaller. I've lost about a stone and a half in 7 weeks, and trust me, my diet was awful before I started slimming world. So if I can do it, anyone can!

    This week I am looking forward to getting my car fixed and looking at new ones!

  10. Well done with your weight loss hun. I'm at Weight Watchers too at the moment. I'm also looking forward to the summer lots! xx

  11. Congrats on the weight loss! thats how much I lost on my first week on WW. Im now in week 7 and ive lost 17lbs! you can do it!!!

  12. This is such a fun read for me! I love getting to "know" you more - sounds like you are donig a great job and you look as beautiful as always.

    xoxo Maria