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Do My Jeans is an online store specialising in custom made jeans for both men and women. Although they do standardised sizes their main focus is on the design and creation of made to measure jeans. The process includes choosing the style, wash and cut of your jeans, as well as details such as buttons and pockets. When it comes to adding your measurements, waist, hip, thigh, knee, calf and inside leg are taken into account.

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I have a 36in in seam so finding jeans that fit is a nightmare! Naturally, I jumped at the chance to be able to create and customise a pair of jeans and chose a high waisted, slim leg style with a light wash. The jeans promptly arrived and there were no custom fees, bonus! Firstly, I love the thoroughness and attention to detail when creating the jeans, everything from pocket style to belt loops is taken into account and the various measurements taken should equal a perfect fit. Unfortunately, the jeans I received are huge. As the measurements put in seem to match the measurements on the jeans, I can only conclude that either I miraculously shrank or that customising jeans online is easier said than done. It's devastating that the jeans don't fit as the quality of them is exceptional.

Do My Jeans


  1. FOND!! I have a 34inch inside leg, so finding jeans is tricky for me too, topshop long are about the only ones that fit, if I want them to reach past my ankle xx

  2. I've not heard of Do My Jeans before...

    I really like the colour of the jeans and the little details such as the buttons! They look good on you! :)

    Also love your shoes btw! x

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    First of all thanks for this review!
    We sometimes have this kind of problems with some customers. It's generally due to a bad taken of measures.
    DoMyJeans' policy is : 'Satisfied or Satisfied', that's why we always propose our customers to remake the jeans, and of course the second time, the jeans is perfect since we take into account customer feedback.
    However, concerning your case, we exchanged long emails, but you never mentioned that the jeans were huge and doesn't fit!

  4. I had recently looked at do my jeans ans thought about ordering some when i can afford it.
    Are you going to return them?
    Im like to know what the service is like and if you get the perfect jeans in the end!

  5. Wow! How fun, I would love to get customized jeans...It makes sense that getting the right measurements is hard though, something to take into consideration for sure!

    xoxo Maria

  6. I think when we take our own measurements we tend to be on the generous side as its better to have a bit of room than too tight x The jeans look great on you just wear them as boyfriend jeans with a big belt x I love the attention to detail and will definitely be looking in to getting a pair x


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  8. Those jeans look great on you! xx

  9. I like how you styled the jeans, but I think more fitted and a darker wash would look a lot better. Cute smile btw :)

  10. sorry they didn't fit hun... but u still look great :) btw are those shoes from evans? i was contemplating buying those online today lols