February Snapshot

Considering it's the shortest month, February seems to have dragged on.

It may have taken me twenty years but I'm finally putting the effort in and attempting to make start on who I want to be. There's still a long way to go and I've no doubt I'll make mistakes along the way but as the saying goes, 'The only people who fail are those who don't try'. So fingers crossed, I may have missed two months but there's still time for 2011 to be my year!

Listening to: Pink, Ke$ha, The Naked & Famous, Professor Green, Never Shout Never, Adele & Eminem

Reading: Tell Me No Secrets - Julie Corbin

Watching: Skins, Hotter Than My Daughter, The Biggest Loser, I Used To Be Fat, Summer Heights High, Miranda, Michael Mcintyre Russell Howard & Gossip Girl - so in love with the Dan/Blair storyline

Buying: Food, it's all I can afford to be buying :')

Wanting: to make some progress

Trying: different hairstyles

Loving: going to the gym

Planning: how I'm going to spend my summer! Too early? Probably...

Making: Fajitas mmm I have a new love of peppers

Writing: out application forms

Inspired by: other bloggers. I feel so humbled to be part of the blogosphere and to those of you who are brave enough to express your emotions, display your imperfections and stand up for what's right, you are amazing and truly inspirational.

How did February shape up for you?


  1. I absolutely love the Dan/Blair storyline on Gossip Girl too, it's fab!

    That tattoo photo is gorgeous :) xo

  2. Miranda has me in stitches everytime. Good luck with everything you want to do this year! And Its never to early to plan summer!!!! xx

  3. Well feb is the month i:
    got accepted on to the MA course of my dreams ( which i am going to have to turn down because i cant afford it. :[)

    i started my blog to distract me from my depressing lack of money and prospects. lol

    ITs working i love blogging and im addicted to reading other peoples. . . almost forgetting to worry


  4. Really nice post :) I really enjoyed reading it x

  5. feb has been pretty coool.

    i love peppers right now too, errr, weird.
    we're in vegetable sync.
    : )


  6. I've got a bit addicted to hotter than my daughter!

  7. True words lovely, linked you in the bookclub post btw. Loving the dan and blair storyline to, it's so cute. Is the book you are reading any good? Love ya xx

  8. Oh it went by too fast, too fast, and it consisted of only night shifts, which really took all my energy, :P now Im really happy it's March cause great things are happening then ;) yay. Thanks for sharing hun.

  9. I love that quote!
    xoxo Elle

  10. Oooh, I adore Adele!! <3 I LOVE Dan/Blair too- they better get it on! ;) Good for you for going to the gym...If only I had your commitment ;)

    I also just ate fajitas, ha.

    T & J