Plus London

Hey lovelies, long time no post. I hope everything is good with you! :)

First off, haii to my new followers & a huge thank you to Jennie for featuring me. It means so much that you want to follow my little blog, even though I haven't updated in what feels like years!

Now onto the long overdue post! I've been stupidly putting off this post as I really dislike what I looked like I don't know what I was thinking with the outfit & I'm clearly in desperate need of a haircut, good lord! but my ridiculous 'issues' aside, it really was a wonderful day & I just hope we can do it again sometime!

I won't bore everyone with the details as I'm sure most of you know what went down by now. (If not, check out the ~official Tumblr!). Sophie, Aine & I went down to London at a ridiculously early hour on the Saturday morning & after much needed primping, we headed off to the Evans Marble Arch store. I was so nervous but as soon as we got there, I got to meet a few of my favourite blogger ladies Morgaine, Naomi & Amy, who had the misfortune of being mistaken as me!

After a little shopping trip and a disastrous, yet hilarious, lunch in The Slug & Lettuce, we rushed back to get ready for the evening event. Unsurprisingly, we got lost & ended up being late! After harassing the locals & dodging some creepy drunk men, we found the gallery & were greeted at the door with champers & a goodie bag, fabulous! It was so lovely getting to meet so many bloggers in such a charming environment. Not to mention the abundance of clothes and cake! What more do you need?

Courtesy of Kirsty.

More pictures here.

A huge thank you to Lauren for organising it & thank you to all of the brands who helped make the event happen!:
Simpy Be
Yours Clothing
Plus Size Tall
Anna Scholz
ASOS Curve
H&M Inclusive
Bijou Bijoux
Domino Dollhouse


  1. i love how im on nearly all your pics LOL. And I look like death, why did we get up so early?! ;(

  2. whatcha talking about... you looked lovely! Looks like it was a fun day :D

  3. Oh Steph man, in every picture you take of me I'm pulling a ridiculous gurning face! Nadia is right to be laughing at me! xDD

    Love the last one though, proper celebrity. ;DD

  4. You all look like you're having so much fun. :)


  5. I still like to see what's going on at PlusLondon to fill up the gap in my heart :)

  6. Oh, I so wish I could've been there <3

  7. Lovely all look stunning and like you all had a brilliant time! :)

    I hope to come along to one whenever it's next organised!


  8. Wow looks like you had anamazing time. Id love to go one year :]
    you look gourgous

  9. aw! this looks like so much fun!!!! wish I could have been there, you all look wonderful and stunning, great pics! <3