January Snapshot

Aside from the little trip to London, January was as dull as expected! Being at home was great though & I'm not impressed to be back at uni. Oh how times have changed! We're starting house hunting tomorrow which should be interesting to say the least... ;)

Hopefully February will be more exciting, roll on Plus London! :D

Listening to: Adele, Mumford And Sons, Ke$ha, Rihanna & Taking Back Sunday ♥

Reading: Room - Emma Donoghue & my usual myriad of magazines

Watching: Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Hotter Than My Daughter, The Biggest Loser, I Used To Be Fat, Summer Heights High, Kevin Bridges, Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Inception, Superbad & Easy A - binging on shows & films!

Buying: clothes & books!

Wanting: spring to hurry up & arrive!

Trying: curling my hair :)

Loving: being at home ♥

Planning: or trying to plan an outfit for Plus London, eep!

Making: nothing exciting!

Writing: out some of my ~issues, weirdly therapeutic.

Inspired by: I Used To Be Fat, their transformations are insane.


How did January shape up for you?


  1. Modern Family is an amazing show, I can't get enough of it! And I agree that spring need to show up!

  2. My January was really good. I can't wait to start reading Room. I love the little quote at the end, it's so true.


  3. inception is crazy, my head was all over the place watching it : )

    january was awesome!

    also, off subject, totally went and bought the asos curve peter pan dress in camel based on you in the black version. I commented on your post saying i didn't want it but the more i looked the more i couldn't resist. Also had a real hankering for something camel so went for it, best decision ever!
    : )

  4. For me, January was probably the best month I've had in a couple of years! Full of revelations and re-found zest for life

    (god, I'm cheesy!)

    I love Mumford and Sons x

  5. Isn't that such a nice quote? I'm going to put it in my quote book (yes I have one of those that I write in hehe) and be reminded from time to time.

  6. I ahve been watching both Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Although not seen so much of the Sex yet ha-ha. They are a bit tamer than I expected, unless the series will end with a bang. I am amazed at the cost of some of those wedding dresses and cakes. A lot of expense in some directions, but many of the wedding venues are just a hall or not many guests.

    I love that Emerson quote.

  7. January was BUSY and February will be busier. It's all a blur, but I'm loving my internship and life in general :)

  8. I really want to read Room! I've heard such great things about it.

  9. I've just finished reading 'Room' - such an amazing book!