Sunday Summary 010


Apparently I fail miserably at keeping up with a weekly blogger feature & not looking tragic.

After a disastrous shopping trip searching for swimwear, I went swimming for the first time in years on Friday. It wasn't half as terrifying as I was expecting although I seem to have forgotten how to swim properly...

I've been debating about whether or not to delete my Facebook for the longest time. Too many people I don't give a crap about & too many I care too much about. I decided to make a new one instead & it feels so much better logging in & not being inundated with rubbish. Anyone else had a social networking cleanse?

I finally got a job. It's admittedly tragic but I'm just happy for the chance to gain some experience & money! I start Tuesday, wish me luck?

I managed to catch another #bbloggers chat tonight & it reminded me how I need to up my blogging game. My posts have dwindled down recently & it's becoming ridiculous, I promise to blog more! not saying the posts will be more interesting than my usual drivel, but hey!

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How're you spending the long weekend?

It's Just One Of Those Days

I do enjoy a cheeky tag now & again and this one I stole from Caz is short & sweet, perfect!

Age: 20    Bed size: Double    Height: 6'2

Chores you hate: Hoovering, it's boring & loud.


Dogs: In theory I'd love a dog but in reality I'm far too self absorbed to cope with the stress of looking after a dog!

Essential Start to your day: A shower, I can't get dressed or leave the house without one.


Favourite colour: Pink, the best colour!

Gold or Silver: Hmm in regards to jewellery I usually wear silver but when it comes to belts/detailing on bags & things, I do enjoy a bit of gold.


Instruments I play: I wish! I am unfortunately talentless in all aspects of life ;)

Job Title: I agree with Caz, working in a shop & getting staff discount is like my student dream. Unfortunately it would appear no one will hire me! So no current job title as of yet.


Kids: Perhaps I should change my name to Broody? I adore babies & children! Their endless imagination, dependency, cheeky grins, genuine wonderment, delicateness mixed with robust invincibility & boundless energy is just too adorable for words. I realise that having no children, I now sound like a peado...shit son.

Live: Teesside/Leeds   Mum's Name: Dianne   Nickname: Steph/Steff

leighton meeeeest 2

One wish: Endless amounts of money so I can shop 'til I drop & then get back up & do it all over again!

Pet Peeve: People who don't have any manners & people who stick their nose in other people's business.

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Quote from a Movie: Oh god, film quotes make up 80% of my conversation! But since I have this GIF, "RUN BITCH RUUUUN!"

Right or Left handed: Right.


Siblings: 2 Brothers who are 13 & 11 & a sister who's 5. Bane of my existence!

Time you wake up: Depending on when I go to bed, around 10. I think I've finally conquered my nocturnal habits.


Underwear: Usually mismatched.

Vegetables you dislike: Sprouts are disgusting.


What makes you run late: I'm usually late, it's a bad habit of mine. The main reason is usually being indecisive about what to wear or I spend too much time online & don't give myself enough time to get ready. Oops?

X-Rays you've had done: My teeth, my chest & my hips (although they were supposed to be fixing my knees).


Yummy food you make: I make home made wedges at least once a week as they are amazing. The only other thing I make is cake & that's rare!

Zoo Animals: Off point but I don't like zoos, I'm not even an animal fanatic but I still think it's cruel & unnecessary to keep animals cooped up for entertainment purposes. Favourite animal is probably the giraffe though as they're giant & fancy.
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Evans Event

IMG_2583 edit

On Thursday, I along with some other fabulous bloggers (Rosie, Naomi, Laura, LaCara, Lauren, Claire & birthday girl Carla!) had the privilege of attending the Arcadia press day for their Autumn/Winter collections. Invited by Evans we got to meet the team, preview the next collection and hear how they're going to move forward with the brand & the plans for Style 369.

IMG_2594 editIMG_2592 editIMG_2593 editIMG_2589 edit

I was glad to hear that they're hoping to separate Evans from Style 369 expanding on the marketing of Evans towards an older market with more sustainable and classic pieces & Style 369 towards a younger market with fast fashion and trendier items.

The Evans Collection range had some lovely pieces, it was easy to see the inspiration from the 70s trend with the colours and prints. I particularly liked the shape and structure of a printed kimono. Something that was prevalent throughout the Evans collection and the other brands was mesh. Sheer panelling was on several dresses and blouses, including the Stella McCartney inspired spot dress pictured above. The knitwear and coats were what I liked best, the range of knits and variety of coats mean that there's something for everyone. Although I was in lust with the jewellery & a cute pair of shoe boots caught my eye, my favourite piece was a camel duffle coat. I'm a huge fan of duffle coats & this one was no exception! The colour is divine and the leatherette piping & collar add that little extra that made it all the more adorable.

As it was Carla's birthday, we went for pizza at Fire and Stone in Covent Garden, which was delicious. It was great catching up with everyone & getting to meet Rosie, Laura, LaCara & Claire. I hope we get to do it again sometime!

Sunday Summary 009


Please excuse the state of me!

I went to London on Thursday. Although I slept in, forgot my contact lenses & wasn't wearing what I wanted to, it was a fabulous day! It was amazing getting to meet the lovely ladies at Evans & having a cheeky peek at the other Arcadia A/W collections. I'll put the post about the day up this week.

I lost 8½ pounds at Weight Watchers this week so I finally reached my stone & 5% goal! I was ridiculously ecstatic especially as I'd gained after easter. Is anyone part of the Weight Watchers online community? Let me know so I can friend you :)

My tragic appearance is due to uni deadlines. I'm a terrible procrastinator & have lost the will to live when it comes to these assignments. If you have any tips on how not to fail miserably, please let me know ;)

I'm in the midst of packing up my life as I'm going home for the summer this Thursday. I'm ridiculously excited to leave this disgusting flat but I'm sad to be leaving my room. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen the ridiculous amount of shoes I seem to have accumulated! I don't know how everything is going to fit in the car...

I bought the most perfect shoes this week & I'm tempted to dedicate an entire blog post to how cute they are! I'm kicking myself for not buying a pair sooner.

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P.S. You must listen to this. I'm addicted, not even ashamed!

What've you been up to this week?

River Island Student Shop In


Last night was the Leeds River Island shop in, so Aine & I popped down to check it out. Having gone to the Topshop student night last year, which had a queue all the way up Briggate, I was expecting it to be more busy. There was an incredibly fit DJ & girls were going around giving out Red Bull but even though I expected there to be more people, the abundance of staff were still running around catering to everybody. Whilst some of the things I wanted weren't in stock, namely this skirt & an adorable polka dot swimsuit, I did manage to get my hands on this bag I've been coveting for months!

IMG_2576Bright pink & heart shaped, it's woefully tacky & childish but I can't help but adore it.

After trailing around the shop not really seeing much I wanted, I was watching Aine try on some shoes when I spotted these:
IMG_2570I originally tried them on in the leopard print but decided to go for the black. A last minute impulse buy, these have been giving me shopping remorse. I came home determined that I was going to try them on sans tights, hate them & return them but alas I enjoy them too much.

Did anyone else go to the shop in or is planning to?
What's on your wish list?

Sunday Summary 008


Eep! I've hit 600 followers, this is insane. So much love for you guys! ♥

This week marked my return back to uni. I was initially not loving the idea but as with most things, the thought was scarier than the doing & being back is pretty good. Primarily due to the lack of siblings & increase in personal space ;)

On the downside, being back means tackling uni work. I'm thankful that unlike some of my friends I don't have to do exams but the presentation I have to do tomorrow (on my own!) is making me PANIC. Wish me luck?

Misery over university work aside, I am feeling fantastic right now & not just because I'm finally getting over a chest infection. I've finally gotten into an exercise routine and after my disastrous Easter I'm enjoying eating healthily. Fingers crossed my hard work pays off on the scale.

I got a cheeky invite to London this Thursday so along with Rosie & a couple of other bloggers, I'll be joining Carla to celebrate her birthday at an Evans event. I'm sure she can't think of a better way to spend her birthday than with me ;)

No 5 to read: this week as I've been too busy to catch up on blogs! If you haven't already check out my blogroll for some amazing blogging ladies

What're your plans for this week?

April Snapshot

I can't believe another month has gone, 2011 is flying by & I can't seem to keep up! April has been good but clearly my memory is failing me as I can't seem to remember the majority of it. With the long Easter break, I've spent the majority of it at home though & the break from the stress of my flat has been lovely.

Although it's been relaxing, April has been full of little changes that are making for a more positive outlook. In many respects, I still have mountains to climb but nothing seems impossible right now & I'm excited to crack on & get things done.

Listening to: Temper Trap, Daisy Dares You, Dashboard Confessional, Tracey Chapman, John Mayer, Adele & Tinie Tempah

Reading: Sister - Rosamund Lupton

Watching: The Biggest Loser, Britain's Got Talent, The Walking Dead & Boy Meets World

Buying: Summer clothes!

Wanting: to stay at home rather than go back to uni

Trying: to live healthy

Loving: the amazing weather & everything that comes with it

Planning: how to spend my summer

Making: cupcakes & salads. Maybe they'll balance each other out?

Writing: essays. Kill me

Inspired by: The Biggest Loser, I've been simultaneously watching 2 seasons & crying my eyes out at both!


How did April shape up for you?