Evans Event

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On Thursday, I along with some other fabulous bloggers (Rosie, Naomi, Laura, LaCara, Lauren, Claire & birthday girl Carla!) had the privilege of attending the Arcadia press day for their Autumn/Winter collections. Invited by Evans we got to meet the team, preview the next collection and hear how they're going to move forward with the brand & the plans for Style 369.

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I was glad to hear that they're hoping to separate Evans from Style 369 expanding on the marketing of Evans towards an older market with more sustainable and classic pieces & Style 369 towards a younger market with fast fashion and trendier items.

The Evans Collection range had some lovely pieces, it was easy to see the inspiration from the 70s trend with the colours and prints. I particularly liked the shape and structure of a printed kimono. Something that was prevalent throughout the Evans collection and the other brands was mesh. Sheer panelling was on several dresses and blouses, including the Stella McCartney inspired spot dress pictured above. The knitwear and coats were what I liked best, the range of knits and variety of coats mean that there's something for everyone. Although I was in lust with the jewellery & a cute pair of shoe boots caught my eye, my favourite piece was a camel duffle coat. I'm a huge fan of duffle coats & this one was no exception! The colour is divine and the leatherette piping & collar add that little extra that made it all the more adorable.

As it was Carla's birthday, we went for pizza at Fire and Stone in Covent Garden, which was delicious. It was great catching up with everyone & getting to meet Rosie, Laura, LaCara & Claire. I hope we get to do it again sometime!


  1. Dear me, you can't miss my hair in that third picture...! :D

  2. It was lovely to meet you at the Evans event, I hope we get to meet up again soon :) Lovely post, I agree, the camel coat was my favourite too!

    Laura xoxo

  3. Hi,

    I actually love your blog. && your camera its AMAZE



  4. ahhh so jealous! lol Evans are really upping there game


  5. it will happen again, cause i'm just going to come to to middlesbourgh/leeds and stalk you ;)

  6. I am getting so jelouse when I read about all of you meeting, I would have loved to see everyone again!

    The collection looks quite nice on the pictures, I really hope for some better evans days again!

  7. It sounds like a wonderful day, I'm really liking alot of Evans stuff at the moment, especially the shoes (they're just the right heel height for me)...I'm looking forward to next seasons range xxx

  8. I hope style 369 and Evans both produce clothes for younger ladies! I don't want to wear maxi dresses or tunics with rhinestones on!!! no thank you xx

  9. Carla - you're hair is like a beacon! Also what is going on with my face!!

    Was lovely to meet you to Steph! I don't think I got chance at Plus London.

    Rosie - how funny that Style369 are doing Ruby Rocks dresses!!

  10. Sounds like an awesome event!

    It's so lovely attending previews and being to know more about the brand. :)

    The Cat Hag

  11. Ahh I'm so jealous you get to go to these events, those clothes actually look really nice <3