April Snapshot

I can't believe another month has gone, 2011 is flying by & I can't seem to keep up! April has been good but clearly my memory is failing me as I can't seem to remember the majority of it. With the long Easter break, I've spent the majority of it at home though & the break from the stress of my flat has been lovely.

Although it's been relaxing, April has been full of little changes that are making for a more positive outlook. In many respects, I still have mountains to climb but nothing seems impossible right now & I'm excited to crack on & get things done.

Listening to: Temper Trap, Daisy Dares You, Dashboard Confessional, Tracey Chapman, John Mayer, Adele & Tinie Tempah

Reading: Sister - Rosamund Lupton

Watching: The Biggest Loser, Britain's Got Talent, The Walking Dead & Boy Meets World

Buying: Summer clothes!

Wanting: to stay at home rather than go back to uni

Trying: to live healthy

Loving: the amazing weather & everything that comes with it

Planning: how to spend my summer

Making: cupcakes & salads. Maybe they'll balance each other out?

Writing: essays. Kill me

Inspired by: The Biggest Loser, I've been simultaneously watching 2 seasons & crying my eyes out at both!


How did April shape up for you?


  1. I love the Temper Trap. & this year really is flying by. Right now I'm supposed to be writing an essay, but your blog has distracted me :)

  2. I really like that quote !! :)

  3. i loved the biggest loser that davina mccall just did. i cried like half the way through it. and especially at the end when they all come out looking fab :')

  4. Loved your post because I was actually thinking the same exact thing this morning where the hell did April go!! Wow I can't believe May is here and before you know it.. its already been half a year :/ ..

  5. oh god, good luck with the essays hun! Think of the feeling of handing them in.....UTTER relief. So good! Hope you're alright apart from that m'dear, certainly sounds like you're feeling healthy and happy! :D xxx

  6. I am now pondering the possibility of a cupcake salad.

  7. I'm loving 'I used to be Fat' on MTV at the moment, wish I had a personal trainer like they do!

  8. your blog gives me great ideas on how to make mine as awesome as yours x♥