Sleek Haul

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As some of you may know, forever ago Sleek MakeUP had a 50% off online sale. I spent ages trying to make an order & thought I'd been successful only to find out a week or so late that wasn't the case. I sent an email to their customer service department asking what had happened & then completely forgot about it. That was until last week, when I received a reply & a cheeky 50% off code! Winning! I've wanted to try Sleek for a long time but as it is, I have far too much make up already, most of which I don't seem to use so I only ended up ordering a couple of bits.

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First up, I finally got my hands on the Bad Girl Palette. I've heard so many good things about their palettes & although I've yet to try them out, from the swatches I took, it's easy to see why they're so popular. The colours are rich and pigmented, a bargain at £6.49.

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I love Mac's Tinted Lip Conditioner & hot pink so the Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac was a must have! At less than half the price of MAC & with a similar result, it's worth having one to throw in your handbag.

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The True Colour Lipsticks are new to the range & I've seen them popping up on various beauty blogs recently. The two I picked up are Pink Freeze & Heartbreaker, both matte finishes. If you're thinking of trying these out, keep in mind the colours are bright!

IMG_2465 editLastly, I picked up a blush. This colour is Flamingo & true to it's name, it's a bright pink. Less is definitely more with this as like the eye shadow palette, it's incredibly pigmented.


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IMG_2501 editIMG_2515 editclockwise fl - Pink Cadillac, Pink Freeze, Flamingo & Heartbreaker.

Overall, I'm impressed. I love the packaging, the quality of the products & the price! I'll definitely be picking up more things in future.

What're your thoughts on Sleek MakeUP?


  1. Love the palette!

    Have heard so many good things about Sleek, I haven't had chance to try out any of their products...I'm pretty tempted to get one of their palettes!

    From what I can see everything looks pretty good value for money :)


  2. I used to be a faithful customer (before they got jazzed up packaging) back in the day when i could not afford Mac lol i never liked the durability of the foundation but i always loved the colours of the eye palette the only thing i used to find was by the end of the night the colour would fade but with all these primers these days that is not an issue!

  3. The colors are gorgeous! I've never tried that brand, thinkin' about it, lovely as always :)

  4. From everything Ive tried they are really good quality and value. I love the colours you bought.

  5. Think I may be borrowing them ;-) xx

    Well actually a bit bright for me but they look good on you xx

  6. ooh that pout polish is divine..and i love the packaging too! I'm so bad when it comes to makeup though, i refuse to spend much more than a couple of pounds, so sleek has never even entered my makeup drawer! With 50% off though, it's certainly a good deal for great products...makes it more worth it! x

  7. Gorgeous! I also love the packaging-- how the lipstick tubes have that matte finish look to them. (I'm very into textures, don't ask)

  8. lovely post,i really need to get my hands on these new lipsticks they look so good :)

    kate xo

  9. nice! that pout polish looks fab on, might give it a go x

  10. i have been really into pink/fuschia lipcolors lately and that heartbeaker looks close to something i want but not close enough. Hot pink is what i want! But i do love the eye palette!


  11. I love Sleek! I've had a couple of their palettes and the pigmentation is great!

  12. OOoooh the lipsticks! Me likey!!!