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On Friday, I received these lovely goodies in the post! I've wanted a turban for a while but never got round to buying one for fear of looking silly, so when Emily offered to send me a couple of things from Rock 'n Rose, I thought why not!? The adorable bracelet is something I've been eyeing up for ages & I love it. I'm tempted to buy one in every design & stack them up for summer! Emily & Jess, the owners of Rock 'n Rose, are old friends from school and I still can't get over how amazing their shop is or how much it's grown! They're gorgeous & so is their jewellery so go check them out!

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Blazer: New Look
Shirt: New Look
Belt: New Look (came with a coat)
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Primark
Turban: Rock 'n Rose

What's your favourite piece from the site?


  1. looks like you love some new look there steph! haha :P

    i've heard of rock n rose before and i've seen soem of there stuff and totally adore it, but i've never bought anything from them..yet :)


  2. Nice bottle of Fairy washing up liquid there bubs ;)

    I do love this turban, not what i imagined to look like- oh lawd I remember getting them alphabet necklaces off the website when we were in like year 10/11 hahaha. Ive still got mine actually at home.


  3. You look absolutely adorable! I like so many things about this look. For one, your hair looks amazing! You can really pull off the turban trend and your eyeliner looks perfect with it. I also really like the combo of the blazer/long top/cropped pants. And those shoes are amazing. I'll definitely check out Rock 'n Rose :)

  4. OMG! You look wonderful! Love this outfit up and down!

  5. You look adorable! I love every part of this outfit... and now I really feel like I need a turban haha :)

  6. You are beautiful! The whole ensemble is great. :)


  7. you look amaaazing. totally made to wear turbans, i'm jealous! BUY MORE! seriously it looks so good x

  8. Oooh steph you pull it off so well! I like the turbans too 2bh, but like you I'm never entirely sure i can pull them off- you def give me hope!

    And also, thank you so so muc for the shopalike giveaway , i got it in the post this morning and it's a stunner! x

  9. You look great! I don't think I could pull it off!

    I love the wish bone friendship bracelet.

  10. i myself bought a turban last year but have not had the courage to wear it out yet :S maybe some time soon though :) you look great in yours :)

  11. Gorgeous laydee! =P

    Love this outfit! Really suits you =)


  12. You look stunning! I love this whole look on you so much and I think the turban is fab! Work it girl!

  13. Wow that turband really suits you! I know i'd look redonkulous wearing one! I love Rock n' Rose though. Got their scrabble ring and love all thir stuff really, can't pick a fave!

    D :) x

  14. Wow that turband really suits you, I know it'd look re-onkulous on me! Love love love everything on Rock n Rose, too much to choose from!

    D :) x

  15. Um holy hell,
    how stunning can you get lady?

  16. So gorgeous! That turban is simply perfect on you.

  17. You look so cute :)
    I'm scooting on over to have a looksy for myself right now.
    Gathering the Daisies

  18. loving your outfit, but i well like the turban it looks soo cute on you :) x

  19. You look gorgeous and I love the Rock N Rose headbands! The bracelet you got sent is lovely too :) xxx

  20. I love the turban on you.... so cute! It suits you so much! Seeing your pics makes me want to grow my hair long again just to be able to wear a turban!

  21. I love the turban on you.... so cute! It suits you so much! Seeing your pics makes me want to grow my hair long again just to be able to wear a turban!

  22. Fab outfit!

    New follower:

  23. Ahh you're too pretty! The turban looks great on you too. Love the outfit :)

  24. so good! love that headband :D
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  25. Love the Turban, I really want to get one next payday- just debating which colour! Looks really good on you, your whole outfit is lovely :) I really like Rock 'n Rose's necklaces - I've got my eye on the Antique Key Necklace! Also, Thank you for following me :) xo

  26. Twit Twoo!You look absolutely stunning and I love the turban!

    Maria xxx

  27. Ahhh this post makes me love you even MORE. You look FANTASTIC.

  28. It really suits you. I've taken to wearing a lot of headscarves but I must invest in a turban for the summer.

  29. Cute outfit! I love your headband & blazer :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  30. You are rocking the turban look so did everyone else I see. I tried them and I look silly. I love your look, the turban made the difference to an otherwise understated outfit.

  31. Looks great. You pull it off effortlesslyx

  32. @roselikethis - LOL I may have a problem! I love NL too much :$

    @Sophie - I thought you'd enjoy it ;) it smells good too! See you all mocked me unnecessarily ;) Do you!? I lost mine the same week I got

    @theplussideofme - Thank you bb! <3

    @Gabi - Thanks lovely :)

    @danielleash - LOL everyone needs a turban! :D thanks bb!

    @Miranda - Oh wow, thank you lovely. That means a lot! <3

    @KLEE - LOL I'm tempted but the sun is out & it makes my head hot!

    @ellieand - LOL now I'm just thinking of! I'm glad you like it bb :)

    @Danielle Rose - Thank you lovely! The friendship bracelets are my favourite things.

    @launax - Aw thanks lovely, you should definitely wear it out!

    @.x.Sarah.x. - Thanks bb <3!

    @Stiletto Siren - Thanks chica!

    @Niesey x - I'm betting you wouldn't lovely! Thank you <3

    @daisychain - Eep! Thanks bb! <3

    @Lexy of BeautyFash - Thank you chica!

    @Samantha Jane - Thanks bb!

    @Cheyenne davide - Thanks bb!

    @Caz - Thank you lovely! Yes, I really love the floral headbands too!

    @Jennifer aka. Jasifer - Thanks bb! :)

    @tooMANYsequins - LOL just cheat like I did! They're extensions ;D thanks bb <3

    @Doma-Nikki - Thanks chica!

    @pearlslaceandruffles - Thank you bb <3

    @Margaret - Thank you so much bb!

    @Laura - No problem lovely, thank you!

    @Maria - LOL thanks bb! <3

    @gen321 - Thanks lovely!

    @Return to Sender - I didn't think that was possible ;) thanks sexy!

    @A Thrifty Mrs - oo I'd love to be able to wear headscarves but I can't seem to get them to look right! Thanks bb :)

    @Dee O. - Thanks lovely!

    @Jazzy E (hivenn) - Thanks bb :)

    @The Merry Traveller - I can't imagine you'd look silly in anything bb! Thanks <3

    @Tink simplicity - Thank you lovely!

  33. Aw, you look gorgeous & that turban suits you so well! You should definitely wear them more often! :) & of course I love your outfit!

  34. @Monique - Thanks lovely!

    @thomessa - Oh wow thank you bb <3

    @Elina - Thanks lovely! :)

  35. This looks fab - really suits you :)

    pinklittlebean blog

    Clare x