March Snapshot

I can't believe March is over already. Where is my life going!? Usually, I'd be pleased with the speed at which we're reaching summer but with uni deadlines approaching, time needs to stop!

March has been pretty good. I could ~reminisce & lament about how crap I've been feeling about everything but then I remember all the times I've been home, all the friends I've seen, the places I've visited, the progress I've made, the things I've got and all of you lovelies. Everything else just seems trivial in comparison! So yeah, March has been pretty good. Here's to hoping April is even better!

Listening to: Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Quietdrive, Adele, The Spill Canvas, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, My Chemical Romance & Rihanna

Reading: Fear - Jeff Abbott

Watching: The Biggest Loser (& crying like an idiot!), Lily Allen: From Rags to Riches, The Model Agency, Inception, 101 Dalmatians & Hannah Montana: The Movie ;)

Buying: Denim & too many train tickets

Wanting: to spend my Groupon vouchers, but on what!? Helppp

Trying: to be more productive. Someone hire me?

Loving: going home so often & seeing peeps!

Planning: a California road trip!

Making: absolutely nothing. I feel like a baking session is in order, especially after seeing these mmm!

Writing: some 2011 goals, better late than never.

Inspired by: Spring/Summer fashion. Bring on the sun!

watch me

How did March shape up for you?


  1. I bawled like a baby when the Olympian did a handstand on Biggest Loser the other day. I was like "What is wrong with meeeee" it was not a good scene.

    March was a pretty good month for me, but seemed very long. Can't wait for April!!

  2. March has been a lovely month but a busy one too- it has sure flown by. I have been listening to a ton of The Spill Canvas lately too. Get to baking missy those look devine!
    Lips Hips & FATshion Tips

  3. Ive been listening to TBS, The Used and MCR loads because i found a CD i made at college <3 The music makes me feel all young again :]

  4. Love your top right pic, you look beautiful. Also love your soundtrack to March xxx

  5. I actually really regret not getting a groupon voucher now, so much I want on asos!

  6. My March has been pretty extreme, I finally handed in my dissertation (YAY!!) but went through hell and back to do it, lol! I'm hoping that April will be better, I have LOTS to look forward to :)

    Maria xxx

    P.S. I LOVE Inception :)

  7. I'm glad to hear that March had some good times for you! & I've listened to Adele so much in March, it was great! :) & that Cali road trip is going to be SO much fun!

  8. Hi Steff I have nominated you for the Leibster Award, check out my blog to learn more about it.

    Dianne x

  9. lovely photo and the text i so true!

  10. I've been watching and listening to much the same things - lots of rihanna and adele [who has the ability to make me sob like a 5 year old!] aaand watching lily and the model agency...i LOVE model agency...reaaally gotta catch up- i'm so behind on it all!

    And hurray for wanting to bake things - i hope to share the baking love around, one blogger at a time XD

    you should totally go for those biscotti things, i'm tempted to make some more! glad you liked the look of them!


  11. I know where has this part of the year already gone?!
    Awh so jealous wish I could go to california, would love it. maybe next year though eee.