Little Trip To Haworth

Aine's friend Laura was up visiting the north for a long weekend & with a penchant for Wuthering Heights, wanted to take a trip to The Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth. Being the wonderful cheeky person that I am, I graciously awed them with my presence tagged along! Secreted in the hills of West Yorkshire, Haworth is an idyllic little village with cosy cobbled streets and beautiful scenic views. Whilst I think the museum needs to provide that little bit more for what it cost, it was still a lovely day out. If only I didn't freak out at the first sign of sun & wear such a ridiculous outfit. Freezing isn't even the word...



  1. oh wow, lovely photos, it looks so quaint and idyllic. and i love your stripy dress! x

  2. Such a beautiful place and I love that dress on you!

  3. I love these photos especially the Rose and Apothecary one. Your outfit is great too, nice dress :) xx

  4. Your outfit is gorgeous! Shame it's still a bit chilly out, I'm the same, as soon as the sun starts shining I want to get all my summer dresses out!
    Haworth looks beautiful, my uni friends and I are going when our exams end! Exciting :)

  5. you must of been so cold! i love your shoes and bright pink bag where did you find those :)


  6. @Jasmin - It was so cute, all of the locals kept saying hello! Thank you :)

    @Rebecca - Thanks bb!

    @Gem - Thanks lovely :)

    @Gem - It's so peaceful & cute!

    @Lauren - I just wish more things were open so we could have explored.

    @Dani - Thanks bb, the sun is shining today too but I think I learnt my lesson & will be taking a coat out! oo enjoy & good luck with your exams :)

    @Rosie - I couldn't feel my legs by the time I got back home! Thank you. The shoes are a recent buy from Primark & the bag is by Marc B

  7. you + that dress = match made in heaven

  8. I absolutely LOVE Haworth! Me and my best friend bonded over a love of Wuthering Heights and we go quite a lot to roam the moors in a gothic fashion! The little village is so cute too isn't it xx

  9. Haworth is my second favourite place in the UK (Whitby is first!) and I really want to live there!!! I go all the time, I just love it. xxx

  10. ar this reminds me of where i got to uni. I have to say I love your style, its so effortless, well done on the 500 plus followers :).

    Helen, X

  11. Adore the vibrancy of this outfit! The stripe dress looks great on you!