What I Wore // Aglaë x Navabi

Dress: Navabi // Sandals: George // Sunglasses: Gucci

Winter is coming. Or it feels like it's already here as I'm currently bundled in a fleece blanket waiting for the heating to kick in. The dark mornings have crept up on me & I'm moments away from a full scale SAD breakdown, but before I forget what sun looks like, I have to post this Navabi dress.

Conditional Acceptance: Even if you in a Benz, you still a n**** in a coupe

conditional [kuh n-dish-uh-nl]
1. imposing, containing, subject to, or depending on a condition or conditions; not absolute; made or allowed on certain terms: conditional acceptance.
I am done with acceptance coming with conditions, especially in relation to race. People will only support you, will only accept you, to a level they are comfortable with & we have accepted this as success. I am tired of fighting, of hoping for a better future; not just for me but for everyone who is still waiting for their right to live in peace. If you have the whole damn pie, don't expect us to settle for your crumbs.

Assimilation is not acceptance. You can speak the language, wear the clothes, do the job, get the education, pay the taxes, win the medals... it will never be enough. If you think, 'this would never happen to me.', you'd be wrong. One moment can change everything & if it hasn't happened yet, it will. It could be a look, a comment, a headline. It may even be the uncomfortable stare of strangers as you realise you're the only black person around. Visibility does not equal safety & who do you call when the police are the ones committing the crime?

What I Wore // White Jeans & Ruffles

Shirt: Unique 21 Hero // Jeans: ASOS Tall // Sandals: New Look

The Curve Fashion Festival 2017*

Last year I attended Curve Fashion Fest, a little bit nervous & a lot overwhelmed, I'd been out of the blogging scene for years & didn't know what to expect. Turns out those fears were all for naught because the day was incredible. Not only did I get to see my blogging boo, Rosie, I also got to spend the day with Em, McKayla & Violet, who are all absolute delights & I can't believe I didn't meet them sooner. As if that wasn't enough, the venue was packed with fabulous brands & a great line-up.

What I Wore // Elvi Stripe Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Elvi // Heels: ASOS

After travelling a million miles to Bexhill on Sea for a friends wedding, I thought I'd take advantage of the sea front location & take classy blog pictures on the sand, real serious & professional. Unfortunately, the wind had other ideas & in most pictures, I look like I'm having a fight with a tornado & losing spectacularly. I did manage to get some relatively composed pictures on the Twilight-esque band stand, fortunately no sparkly vampires were involved.

F is for Feminist

T-Shirt: BooHoo // Culottes: George // Blazer: Evans // Bag: Warehouse // Heels: Primark // Sunglasses: Gucci // Earrings: H&M

My ability to spell is impressive, I know. Unfortunately, my creativity when it comes to blog titles is lacking, so that's the best you're gonna get.